Selling your gold, platinum and silver

Are there pieces in your jewelry collection that you rarely wear? A mismatched earring? A necklace from an old boyfriend? What about an unrepairable bracelet?

With gold prices at record highs, now is the perfect time to trade in those pieces for new jewelry, or even cash. We are accepting gold, platinum and silver.

Think 14 Karat when you’re ready to make some money. We are the leader in Omaha when it comes to giving our customers the best bang for their buck! Our everyday return of 80% is tops when it comes to converting gold into “GREEN”.

Refining sample: April 12, 2010

Amount Refined: 29.9 dwt

14 Karat = $780

Competitor “A” = $505

Competitor “B” = $330

Competitor “C” = $326

  • All amounts verified at each store and are for cash