The History and Meaning of March’s Birthstone

The History and Meaning of March’s Birthstone

The History and Meaning of March’s Birthstone

March is here! Happy birthday to all of the March babies! The March birthstone is aquamarine,  a beautiful blue stone. 

This gemstone makes a perfect gift for those who want to remember or celebrate a special date in March. Take a look at the March birthstone meaning and history behind this beautiful gem!

The origin of Aquamarines

The name of Aquamarine is traced back to the 1700s during the Georgian era. Aquamarine comes from the phrase, “water of the sea.”  These gemstones come in a green-blue variety of the mineral beryl. Emeralds also come from the same mineral. 

Aquamarines range in color from pale blues to dark blue-greens. It is believed that the more translucent blue, the more attractive the gemstone is considered to be. 

The aquamarine is mined in Brazil, Africa, Asia and Colorado.  Majority of all aquamarine gemstones come from Brazil. One cool fact is that Colorado’s state gemstone is the Aquamarine. 

Even though people tend to confuse aquamarines and blue topaz for each other, one is more valuable than the other. Aquamarines are much more valuable because of their rarity. Blue topaz is created by coloring a colorless topaz through heat. 

March birthstone meaning

There is a legend that aquamarines provide mental clarity, good health, eternal youth and happiness. Back in the day, it was considered to be “the sailor’s stone” because it was believed to protect those at sea from disasters. 

Caring for Aquamarines

Aquamarine stones have a score of seven and half to eight on the Mohs scale. This grade makes this gemstone durable as long as it is treated with care.

Light exposure is fine, but it is advised to avoid heat exposure. It could damage the stone. As for cleaning aquamarines, the experts at 14 Karat suggest you use warm soapy water. 

How to wear an aquamarine?

Are you ready to add aquamarine jewelry to your collection? Do you want to find the ideal aquamarine gift for a loved one? The jewelry experts at 14 Karat have some great ideas for aquamarine jewelry pieces that you can wear or gift.

Alternative Engagement Ring 

An alternative to a traditional engagement ring is an engagement ring with an aquamarine gemstone. This stone looks beautiful, paired with any shade of gold. It can be cut into your favorite gemstone shape and customized to fit your style!

Stackable ring

Adding this gemstone to a stackable ring is another option. It will add a little color to your stack. It is a great way to commemorate the birth of a child, grandchild, first date or anniversary. 


Aquamarine gemstones look beautiful in a necklace! They can be worn with your everyday outfits. They are a perfect neutral gemstone. 

Now you know the March birthstone meaning. Let’s find the perfect piece of jewelry. You can find the perfect gift for yourself or someone special in your life at 14 Karat. Choose from our large selection or let us customize a piece for you! Visit us at the Shops of Legacy, 168th & West Center Roads. Across the parking lot from Roja.