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Good jewlery gifts for those you love

See what jewelry is the best gift for your significant other, friends or family!

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History of the world’s most expensive jewelry

Here is a synopsis of the world’s most expensive pieces of jewelry!

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Winter jewelry trends

Discover this year's winter jewelry trends!

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Fall 2022 jewelry trends

Take a look at the jewelry trends making a statement this fall!

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Peridot: all about August’s birthstone

Learn all about August's birthstone, peridot!

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Guide to promise rings

Here's how to pick the perfect promise ring. 

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Reasons to love an east-west engagement ring

While halo settings had their time in the sun in 2021, east-west settings have come to town and are ready for their turn to shine. 

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Updating your heirloom jewelry

We can help you to reset the piece, create a custom design and more! 

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The perfect alternative gemstones for engagement rings

For future brides who want their ring to stand out from all the rest, our jewelry experts recommend an alternative gemstone! 

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Classic engagement ring styles

You can never go wrong with a classic design, and so our Nebraska diamond rings experts go over the most classic settings you can get in an engagement ring.

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