A guide to all the different bracelets you can rock

A guide to all the different bracelets you can rock

A guide to all the different bracelets you can rock

Bracelets are one of the best gifts you can give to the special women in your life! Bracelets are perfect for layering and can be mixed and matched to create a perfect bracelet stack.  The question then becomes, what kind should you get? There are many different types of bracelets to choose from and add to one’s collection! 

Our 14 karat jewelry experts go over all the different kinds of bracelets you can rock below!

Charm bracelet

Charm bracelets have become a symbolic way to intertwine jewelry and personal values and hobbies. These types of bracelets first became popular in WWII, where soldiers would bring home small mementos that would get attached to bracelets and worn as a keepsake. It’s evolved to be a beautiful bracelet that allows you to keep special symbolic items close. 

Tennis bracelet

Tennis bracelets are a timeless classic bracelet choice. Tennis bracelets can be adorned with any type of gemstone, but traditionally diamonds are featured across the length of the chain. They are a very versatile bracelet that can be included in a stack, or worn alone as an elegant addition to any outfit. 

Bangle bracelet

Bangles are different from a lot of other bracelet types because they do not use a clasp. Instead, it is a rigid material that you slide over your hand and onto your wrist. They are usually larger in size so that they are loose on your wrist and can move up and down your arm. Sometimes bangles will feature a hinge to make it easier to put it on. 

Link bracelet

Our 14 Karat jewelry experts have noticed that link bracelets, sometimes referred to as chain bracelets, have been very trendy these past few seasons. These bracelets are usually comprised of metal links connected together so that they can form a chain. They can be made from any metal material and as thick or thin as the wearer wants. Some chain bracelets will even have diamonds encrusted on them to make them a sparkly addition to your ensemble. They are a great way to embrace a trend and show off your personal style through customization. 

Wrap bracelet 

Wrap bracelets can give you the stacked bracelet look without having to wear multiple bracelets at once. There is one clasp and the length of the bracelet can be twice or more times larger than a normal bracelet. The wearer then will, as the name suggests, wrap the bracelet around their wrist to achieve the layered look. 

Cuff bracelet 

Cuffs are most similar to bangles because they also do not have a clasp and have a similar rigid design. However, cuffs do not ever have hinges and instead have a small opening in them. Someone can slip their wrist through the opening, but not worry about it slipping off during the day.  

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