A guide to men’s wedding bands

A guide to men’s wedding bands

A guide to men’s wedding bands

Your man spends lots of time picking out the perfect engagement ring for you. He has scrolled through your Pinterest and even visited a couple of jewelry stores until he found the perfect ring. 

Now it’s time to find his wedding band, the options are endless. The wedding band Omaha NE experts are here to share their knowledge. There are lots of things to consider when shopping for your soon to be husband’s wedding band. 


The first thing to consider when shopping for your man’s wedding band is the width. Bands are available in a variety of widths that can accommodate the style he would prefer.

The width of his wedding band can be anywhere from two to twenty millimeters. Budget is also an important factor when choosing a width. Typically the wider the band, the higher the cost.


Choosing the perfect material for his ring so it will fit his lifestyle is essential to the longevity of his band.  There are a variety of metals and materials to choose from. Precious metals choices are gold, platinum and palladium.

Gold comes in a variety of colors,  white, yellow and rose. Gold will need to be refinished over time by a wedding band Omaha NE professional. Another precious metal is platinum. It is the most coveted of precious metals. 

Platinum is pure, hypoallergenic, white and tarnish resistant. Because of its whiteness, there is no extraneous color to cast on the diamond so it reflects maximum sparkle and brilliance. 

Palladium is a member of the platinum group of metals, it is a silver-white metal that will not tarnish, it’s hypoallergenic and 95 percent pure.

Alternative metals are growing in popularity. These include tungsten, stainless steel and titanium. These metals are less expensive than precious metals. They are less flexible, can crack and cannot be resized. 

Tungsten is processed with carbon, ground to a powder that is compressed at extremely high temperatures. It is permanently polished, highly durable and scratch-resistant. It is 10 times harder than gold. 

Titanium is one of the new millennium metals. 99 percent pure Titanium is lightweight, highly durable and hypoallergenic with a grey luster.


There are a variety of finishes available for a wedding band. These finishes include; polished, satin and hammered. 

A polished finish is shiny while satin has a  more matte finish. A combination of finishes are also available. A hammered finish has small indentations in the metal as if a hammer has hit it.

A wedding band is a reflection of your style as a couple. But, It is also important that it fits your man’s lifestyle. 

When you are ready to shop for his wedding band, choose 14 Karat. Our wedding band Omaha NE experts will help you find the perfect band. Visit us at The Shops of Legacy, 16950 Wright Plaza or check out our inventory online.