Arm jewelry guide

Arm jewelry guide

Arm jewelry guide

There are so many styles of bracelets, it can be hard to choose your favorite. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, bracelets can elevate your look. Below are the different types of bracelets, as well as some information on what popular materials and metals bracelets are typically made of. If you’re looking for the perfect bracelet, don’t hesitate to reach out to your custom jewelry Omaha experts!

Types of bracelets

When it comes to fine jewelry, some types of bracelets are better for some occasions than others. Knowing the types of bracelets can help you choose which to wear.


Bangles fit on your wrist by sliding over your hand. They typically don’t have a clasp, but rather a hinge that makes them easier to slip on. They are made out of a strong metal.


Beaded bracelets are probably the most versatile. Beads can be made of wood, glass or another gemstone, so there are endless possibilities of designs. They’re great for a relaxed look.


Metal links are put together to create chain bracelets. You can choose from a variety of different chain metals and thicknesses.


Charm bracelets are also super versatile. They are much like chain bracelets, but with charms attached along the length. Charms can be used to symbolize different things and personality traits.


Cuff bracelets, or penannular bracelets, are bangles but with a gap on one side. They’re easier to take on and put off. They make bold statements and are often thick. They can fit elegant and fancy looks, as well as feature different textures and stones.


Link bracelets are suitable for daily wear. They’re typically made of yellow or white gold and can be thick or thin, large or small. You can wear them casually or fashionably.


Tennis bracelets typically feature diamonds strung along the entire length. They can, however, have different gemstones. They’re great for stacking.


Wrap bracelets wrap around the wrist multiple times and then clasp. It can make it look like you’re wearing multiple bracelets.

Bracelet materials

Bracelets can be made of something inexpensive or a precious metal. Fashion jewelry is more affordable than fine jewelry made of pure gold, platinum or silver, but won’t last as long. Fine jewelry is a great investment when thinking about the future. We most commonly see bracelets made of silver, as it’s the best metal for shaping. 

Visit your custom jewelry Omaha experts

Our team of custom jewelry Omaha experts can help you make the right choice. You want to make sure that the bracelet you’re buying has the right fit, as it’s important to ensure it lasts as long as it should and doesn’t fall off and get lost. Contact us today or stop by our store!