Autumn jewelry trends to pay attention to

Autumn jewelry trends to pay attention to

Autumn jewelry trends to pay attention to

While it is true that you want your jewelry box to be filled with timeless staples that you can wear forever, you also want to invest in some trendy pieces! A great seasonal refresh of your jewelry is what every person needs to feel their absolute best! 

No matter your personal taste and style, we are sure that you will “fall” in love with one of the autumn jewelry trends listed below! 

1. Charms

Charms are going to be huge this fall and not just in bracelet form! Charms in rings and earrings are also going to be very popular. Some alternative charm jewelry can also be wearing an anklet with charms that spell out your partners. This jewelry trend is great for showcasing your personality and is one of our favorite autumn jewelry trends for this year! It can be done in a subtle way but also in a striking and fabulous way too. 

2. Fringe

Fringe is incredibly versatile when it comes to fashion pieces, being found in everything from t-shirts to formal gowns. That same versatility can be found in jewelry pieces as well! From shorter earrings with fringe to a full on necklace with fringe surrounding every inch of collarbone. Fringe jewelry offers some visual intrigue and is also a very light, fun and flirty material!

3. Mismatched pieces

This is one of the most flexible autumn jewelry trends our experts are seeing this season! Wearing mismatched pieces of jewelry can mean different things to different people. If you want to boldly embrace this trend, try mixing up the types of earrings you are wearing in each ear. You can mix them up and wear a long dangling gold earring in one ear and a gold hoop in the other. This trend can also mean combining contrasting colors or wearing different textures. 

4. Silver jewelry

Gold jewelry has been in the spotlight for such a long time, this season is all about silver! If you are not fully ready to embrace this trend, you can go slowly by mixing some silver and gold pieces first and then progress into full silver mode. Silver will look particularly stunning against neutral shades like black and white, and also cool undertones. 

5. Pearls

Pearls are timeless for a reason, they just never go out of style! Pearls continue their trend streak by being on trend for fall of 2021. However, this season is all about embracing more unique ways to rock pearls. A simple strand of pearls will no longer do, there should be something about the jewelry piece that makes it stand out. You can choose a unique shape of pearl, pick different colors or pick pieces where they are included in a cool way. 

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