Carat vs. Karat

Carat vs. Karat

Carat vs. Karat

It’s helpful to know some jewelry lingo when shopping for a 14 karat diamond ring or another piece of fine jewelry. If you’re looking for a gold ring, you’ll need to know the difference between carat and karat. These terms sound exactly the same, but they are actually completely different. Learn the difference between carat and karat!

What’s the difference?

Carat refers to the weight of a diamond, or another gemstone such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies and amethysts. One carat weighs exactly 0.20 grams. Karat is the measurement of gold purity, a precious metal. 24-karat gold is pure gold, and 12-karat gold is 50 percent gold and 50 percent base metals or impurities.

Diamond carat

Carat is not the size of a diamond, but rather the weight. The size of a diamond is measured in millimeters by the diameter of the diamond. Certain diamond shapes, such as the pear, oval and emerald cuts, may look larger in size to the eye but will weigh less. A higher carat weight tends to be more expensive. The carat of a diamond also pertains to the cut, clarity and color, which you’ll need to take into consideration when shopping for the perfect engagement ring. Most engagement rings have a one-carat diamond.

Gold karat

Pure, 24-karat gold is yellow. Gold is most often mixed with an alloy of another metal to create jewelry and rings. The more the alloy, the less the karat; alloys also make the gold stronger as pure gold is relatively soft. The hue of the gold changes a bit when mixed with an alloy, too. It’s hardly noticeable to the naked eye, but a higher karat gold ring will be more yellow in color. It becomes more distinguishable when different colored diamonds are placed on the ring.

Rose gold is created by adding a copper alloy to the pure gold, changing the color and karat. The most common combination for rose gold is 75 percent pure gold and 25 percent copper, yielding 18-karat rose gold.

White gold is made when zinc and nickel are added to pure gold, imitating the color of platinum. 75 percent pure gold is combined with 25 percent zinc and nickel, creating 18-karat white gold.

Yellow gold is mixed with copper, nickel and zinc to make the purest yellow gold color. 14-karat gold is the most popular choice for engagement rings and wedding bands as it’s durable and affordable; many people will choose a 14 karat diamond ring. 14-karat gold consists of 58.3 percent pure gold, which is more durable than 18 and 24-karat gold and more resistant to scratching and denting.

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