Choosing an engagement ring she will LOVE!

Choosing an engagement ring she will LOVE!

Choosing an engagement ring she will LOVE!

You have done it! You found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. This is such an exciting time in your life. Planning a wedding and getting married to your best friend is a dream come true– but first, you need a ring.

Not just any ring either, but the ring. The one that she’s been dreaming of for years. This is no small task and it can be a little intimidating. Luckily, our engagement rings Omaha jewelry experts at 14 Karat have some great tips on choosing an engagement ring that she will love. 

Choosing the Right Shape-Cut

One of the most prominent features of any engagement ring is the shape or cut of the diamond. When picking out an engagement ring, it might help to think about the popularity of each shape. The most sought-after shape is a round-cut diamond. This shape accounts for 57 percent of all diamond rings that have been sold! One of the reasons this shape is so popular and why your significant other would love it is because it has 57 to 58 faucets, bringing its sparkle level to the max.  The round diamond is as classic as your love.

Other popular shapes are a princess cut, a marquise and a cushion cut diamond. However, if you are looking for a more unique option, the pear-cut diamond is a beautiful choice and is rising in popularity. 

Follow the Four C’s

Our engagement rings Omaha jewelry experts at 14 Karat recommend following the Four C’s of diamond quality when picking out the perfect engagement ring for your significant other. The four c’s are color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Color refers to the lack of color that the diamond possesses, clarity refers to the amount of blemishes the stone has, the cut is the shape and the carat weight refers to its size. 

When picking out a diamond ring, it is important to know your priorities and which of the C’s holds means the most to you. However, finding a diamond that checks off all of your boxes is easy at 14 Karat. 

Picking a Style

Every woman knows that style matters. There are countless styles of engagement rings, but these three styles are classic and timeless. There is a solitaire ring, a halo ring and a three-stone ring. A solitaire ring is when there is just one singular diamond on the band, it is the most classic and an elegant look. A halo ring is when the diamond is encircled in smaller diamonds and can give off a radiant shine, which can also make the center stone look larger. A three-stone ring is like a solitaire only there are two smaller stones on the side of the diamond. Symbolizing the past, future and present. They are all beautiful options. 

Picking a metal

It’s a good idea to do a little snooping around before you pick out the perfect ring. Take a look at  the jewelry she already owns, and see if there is a pattern when it comes to her metal of choice. If she wears mostly yellow gold jewelry, then a 14 karat gold ring will surely sweep her off of her feet. If you notice more of a rose gold or white gold preference, we have those options for you as well. 

Get to Know Her Preference 

This might be the most important tip that our engagement rings Omaha jewelry experts have: get to know her preference. It’s not a bad idea to check if she has a Pinterest board dedicated to her favorite style rings. Another option is talking to her family and friends to gather information she may have  told them. This can help you fill in all the missing pieces of what she will love and guarantee that you will be getting her a ring that she will love. 

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