Diamond Spotlight: Radiant Cut

Diamond Spotlight: Radiant Cut

Diamond Spotlight: Radiant Cut

The focus for this week’s diamond spotlight: the radiant cut diamond! The radiant cut is a square diamond, but is not to be confused with the princess cut. Unlike the princess cut diamond, the radiant cut has beveled corners and is often elongated, much like the shape of the emerald diamond but with far more brilliance. In fact, it was created in 1977 by master gem cutter Henry Grossbard with the intention of combining the shape of the emerald cut and the brilliance of the round brilliant cut. 

The radiant cut is perfect for those looking for something elegant but modern at the same time. While the cut of diamond you choose is largely up to aesthetic preference, each cut definitely has their benefits and concerns - the radiant cut being no different. Here are some things to consider while shopping for radiant cut engagement rings in Omaha:


The radiant cut diamond is among the more durable choices. Its beveled edges make it less likely to snag or chip than square cuts with sharp corners, so you can save time and money on repairs over time. Thus making it the perfect cut for the future fiancé with an active lifestyle!


As mentioned, the radiant cut was literally made so that you don’t have to sacrifice shape for sparkle! Its fire and light reflection is unlike any other square cut diamond. In fact, its brilliance is second only to the round brilliant cut. 

Looks bigger 

Similar to other square and rectangular diamonds, the radiant cut looks inherently larger than other cuts of the same carat size. Its elongated, diagonal appearance tricks the eyes, making the ring appear larger face-up, and even making the finger that wears it look slimmer and lengthened. It’ll appear that you spent more money than you did, and that you’ve been doing your finger exercises!


When ring shopping, your budget is easily one of the most important factors. You get more for less with the radiant cut diamond! Among its many other benefits, the radiant cut is among the most affordable diamond shapes on the market today. 

No GIA quality grade

After learning the benefits you might be tempted to jump right in and buy a radiant cut diamond with no questions asked but it’s critical that you take a close look before buying. Unlike other cuts, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) does not grade radiant cuts for quality. It will be your job to determine its quality while shopping for engagement rings in Omaha.


Similar to other cuts like ovals, pears and marquises, radiant-cut diamonds have a dark band resembling a bow tie down their center. You should note that the darker and more noticeable the bowtie, the lower the quality of the diamond’s cut. 


Take a close look at the corners on radiant cut diamonds. Ensure that they’re symmetrical and not too wide or narrow as this is critical to the diamond’s stability. The last thing you want is your stunning diamond becoming detached from its setting and getting lost!

If you want the shape of the princess or emerald cut diamond with the brilliance of the round brilliant cut, the radiant cut might be perfect for you! Not only does it have a stunning shape and superior sparkle, but it is more durable and affordable in comparison to other cuts. 

That being said, however, you should still take into consideration the potential concerns, as expressed by our experts. If you need help shopping for engagement rings in Omaha, contact us or visit us in store and we can help you find the best cut for you!