Different rings for your ring finger

Different rings for your ring finger

Different rings for your ring finger

Traditionally, your ring finger can be found on your left hand in-between your pinky and your middle finger. While many people reserve the left ring finger for the perfect engagement ring, there are many other rings that can be worn on that finger! Some examples of rings that are customarily worn on the left ring finger include:

Promise rings

A promise ring does not symbolize marriage or even the promise to be married, but a promise of seriousness and hope for the future of your relationship. Some promise ring gifts do precede an engagement ring, but that is not their primary purpose. They are usually given to show a commitment to making the relationship work. Due to their romantic nature, most times, promise rings are worn on the left ring finger. If the relationship does lead to marriage, a lot of couples will then trade in their promise ring for the perfect engagement ring, and choose to switch the promise ring to their right ring finger. 

Engagement rings

Engagement rings are a symbol of a betrothal, or an intention to get married. The tradition of engagement rings dates back all the way to Ancient Roman times. This ring was worn to show that a “contract” had been made and a woman was off the market. This is also when the traditional ring finger was formed because Romans believed there was a direct link between that particular finger and the heart. 

Wedding rings

Wedding rings similarly get worn on the left ring finger due to the belief that a vein travels directly through the ring finger to the heart. This also explains why wedding rings are worn first, below the perfect engagement ring, because then it is the ring closest to the heart. Wedding rings symbolize marriage and a connection to another human being. 

Eternity rings

This is a third ring that a woman will usually wear in her wedding jewelry set. It is usually the ring on top of the set and is a popular push present to receive. It is supposed to symbolize the “locking in” of the marriage band and engagement ring, to symbolize a forever union. A lot of time brides will have all three rings soldered together to create a beautiful piece of jewelry to represent their union. 

Any ring you would like

If the ring fits, wear it! There is no hard and fast rule that says your ring finger should be reserved for when you want to get married. You can wear a stacking ring, an heirloom ring, a birthstone ring or any ring you want on your ring finger. However, because traditionally it is seen as a “wedding” ring finger, be prepared for some people to have questions! 

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