Everything you need to know about heirloom jewelry

Everything you need to know about heirloom jewelry

Everything you need to know about heirloom jewelry

There are many benefits of gifting jewelry this Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 8). One of which being: its ability to act as a family heirloom. Jewelry is the most common form of heirloom there is. That being said, as you shop for gifts for mom this year, consider how a piece of fine jewelry could double as a gift to your own children and grandchildren someday. Here’s what you need to know about heirloom jewelry from our very own Omaha jewelers.

What is a family heirloom?

Family heirlooms are meaningful gifts that are passed down in families for generations. Heirlooms are typically associated with specific occasions or milestones such as an engagement, wedding, or a special birthday. Heirlooms are a symbol of tradition, family and cultural pride, bonds and history. Jewelry is a great way to stay connected with your bloodline all day, every day. 

Why choose jewelry?

Fine jewelry makes a great heirloom as it will sustain its condition and value over time. The best jewelry to maintain as an heirloom is that which is made of precious metals such as gold, platinum, diamonds, pearls or precious stones. These are timeless, high-quality materials that will allow the piece to have a long life of being passed on from generation to generation. 

Common types of heirloom jewelry:


Rings are most commonly used as heirlooms. Engagement rings in particular are often gifted or inherited from past generations. A ring is a great option for everyday wear, so you can always be reminded of your family’s rich history. One issue with rings, however, is that they may need to be resized which can be increasingly difficult with antique heirloom jewelry.


Earrings are another practical option for an heirloom jewelry piece. Unlike rings, one benefit of earrings as a family heirloom is that they are one size fits all. That way you can ensure future generations will be able to wear them, rather than letting them sit in a jewelry box or pawning them off.


Bracelets make great family heirlooms, as they are super versatile, effortless and never go out of style. Diamond tennis bracelets or bangles are just a couple of popular options that come highly recommended by our Omaha jewelers. Both are timeless pieces that your mom and any future generations will love!


Necklaces and pendants are a super sentimental way to wear your tradition. You can make it that much more sentimental by engraving your pendant with a sentimental message or phrase, or make it a locket complete with a memorable photo for children and grandchildren to admire for decades to come.

For your Mother’s Day gift turned family heirloom, visit our Omaha jewelers before May 8. We have a wide selection of high-quality and timeless jewelry pieces that will stand the test of generations. Contact us today or visit us in stores at 14 Karat in Shops of Legacy in West Omaha.