Getting a vintage inspired engagement ring

Getting a vintage inspired engagement ring

Getting a vintage inspired engagement ring

Old is officially new again with vintage-inspired rings being all the rage for 2021 brides.  Being able to combine modern mechanics and new technology with the elegant and beautiful styles from the past is quite a feat! However, vintage era jewelry should not be confused with antique jewelry, which means it’s been in existence for at least 100 years.

Are you thinking of getting a vintage-inspired engagement ring? Our 14 Karat jewelry experts go over some of their favorite features from different jewelry eras! 

Georgian engagement rings

Georgian era jewelry is characterized by ornate metalwork and gold details, accompanied by organic designs of leaves and flowers. At the beginning of the era, jewelers used almost exclusively diamonds, but by 1750 new gems were introduced and designed into jewelry. With many Georgian jewelry pieces with rubies, sapphires, garnets, topaz and pearls. 

The old mine cut, which most closely resembles today’s brilliant, was a notable cutting style of the time. Faceted teardrop shapes were also very popular, as well as gems cut with flat bottoms! 

Victorian engagement rings

Victorian jewelry varies in designs because everything was handmade and meant to be unique. Queen Victoria for whom the era is named made diamonds popular once again. Diamond cuts that were used included mostly cushion cut, old mine cut and step cuts. Marquise shaped diamonds were also very popular as they went along with the motif of hearts, birds and snakes. The perfect engagement ring in this era had rows, halos or clusters of diamonds. 

Edwardian engagement rings

If you are a fan of baguette diamonds, tapered baguettes and triangular cuts then the Edwardian era is for you! Edwardian era jewelry is also filled with romantic and lacy designs. Engagement rings would usually be made in platinum and feature very intricate metalwork known as filigree. This period made colored gemstones more popular, although diamonds were still used as well! 

Art deco engagement rings

One of the most popular vintage-inspired designs comes from art deco! The time period for art deco marked a time of expansion in tech, fashion and lifestyle! People wanted to express their bold style choices and also opulence. Art deco engagement rings are all about Asscher cuts and geometric shapes. The designs always feel busy, but fun and beautiful. 

Retro engagement rings

The perfect engagement ring from the retro era featured a diamond and a more simplistic design than other eras. Either a solitaire setting or a setting with two side stones was the norm. If you are looking to gain some inspiration from this era, one style element you can incorporate is mixing metals. Two-toned rings were popular back then, especially with the resurging popularity of yellow and rose gold. 

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