Incorporating Jewelry into your Quarantine Routine

Incorporating Jewelry into your Quarantine Routine

Incorporating Jewelry into your Quarantine Routine

Our favorite restaurants are  closed and social distancing is  a top priority. We are spending our  time at home. While all of these measures are put in place to keep everyone safe they can also be disruptive to your normal routine. 

Now is the time to find a new normal and discover new ways to make the day bright. One way is to ditch the sweatpants and get dressed up like you have somewhere to be. The simple joy in dressing up for yourself can lead to a feeling of radiance from the outside in. Incorporating fine jewelry into your everyday style, even while social distancing, has never been easier. 


14 Karat gold earrings are perfect for everyday wear. Wearing your hair in an updo, or swept to the side, is a golden opportunity to show off your beautiful earrings. However, even when it is down, earrings can help you shine! Wearing earrings can accentuate some of your best facial features and draw attention to your eyes and face. You can pick different gemstone earrings that match your eyes or your outfit and help you feel put together. Whether it is a sophisticated diamond stud or a more fun jeweled hoop style, earrings can help bring a little glamour to everyday life. 


14 Karat gold necklaces are another staple to add to your everyday style. Having a go-to signature necklace can become a part of your identity. There are so many beautiful pieces to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one! Stacking and layering your necklaces is always a gorgeous option. 

Necklaces can be the perfect opportunity to showcase your unique personality. From something as simple as an initial necklace or a more extravagant piece will help to make any outfit feel complete. Starting the tradition of wearing a necklace every day can make you look polished without even trying. 


While traditionally engagement rings and wedding bands are worn every day, you can also add a right hand ring to your style. There are gemstone rings, eternity rings, fashion rings and more styles that do not need an occasion to be worn. Stackable rings especially deserve to be shown off every day of the week.

There are no rules to stacking rings and no wrong way to wear them. Wearing your stackable rings during a time of uncertainty can boost your confidence and your mood. Many people buy their stackable rings to commemorate special occasions such as the birth of a grandchild, an anniversary, or a job promotion. Putting on those special rings every day can remind the wearer of those special occasions! Now is a perfect time to add to your stack. And we are here to help you choose the perfect quarantine-ring!


It’s time to throw an arm party! Get all of your favorite bracelets together and wear them layered on your arm. You can also keep it simple and pick out  a statement piece to wear. Picking something timeless will help to make sure that it goes with every outfit you choose. 

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Bring some sparkle back into your life during quarantine by incorporating some of your favorite pieces into everyday wear, or find something new! Our staff can help you find the perfect 14 Karat gold piece or new jewels that will bring some joy into your life.  Visit us to see our incredible  collection, or gain inspiration for your own custom piece.  We are located at the Shops of Legacy, 168th and West Center Roads; across the parking lot from Roja. Virtual appointments available daily.