Jewelry Care 101

Jewelry Care 101

Jewelry Care 101

From your diamond engagement ring to diamond bracelets,  you have invested your money and gained sentimental value in your fine jewelry.  These valuable pieces need care to keep them shining bright for many years to come. 

It is important to know the best way to clean jewelry. The experts at 14 Karat are here for you to provide some insight on how to keep your jewelry beautiful for many years to come.

Basic jewelry care

There are many do’s and don’ts you should know when wearing fine jewelry. Be sure to apply any lotions, perfumes or hair sprays before putting on your jewelry. After wearing fine jewelry, gently wipe it down before storing it in your jewelry box. 

It is not recommended to wear fine jewelry while doing physical work, including working out. You should not sleep or shower in your jewelry either. Avoid getting any chemicals on your jewelry. Lastly, remember to never put your jewelry on the rim of the sink. You do not want them to fall down the drain.

How to clean it

For your diamond and gem jewelry, you want to use warm water, mild dish soap and a soft toothbrush. Place warm, soapy water into a bowl and clean your jewelry there. Make sure to rinse all the soap off your jewelry and dry using a lint-free cloth. 

For your pearl items, which are more delicate and can be scratched easily, use warm, slightly soapy water with a very soft brush,be sure to rinse thoroughly. Then, let them air dry. 

How often should you clean your fine jewelry

When should you clean your fine jewelry? It depends on how often you wear it. You probably wear your engagement ring and wedding band the most. Diamonds are durable and can withstand a lot, however,they still need care and are not indestructible.

The best way to clean jewelry like this is to gently clean it once every two weeks at home. Dirt and sweat from everyday activities will build up. Every six months, take your engagement ring and wedding band to your jeweler for a professional cleaning. They will check your rings to ensure everything is still set securely so you won’t lose any of your stones.

Fine jewelry worn only on special occasions needs less frequent cleaning-- gently wipe with a cloth when needed. It’s important to avoid spilling liquids on this kind of jewelry. 

How to store it

Humidity and extreme temperatures can damage gold rings, necklaces and bracelets. It is recommended to store fine jewelry in a location with a steady room temperature. You want to avoid storing precious jewelry in closets or attics. 

For storage, stay away from wooden jewelry boxes or organizers. Choose a jewelry box that has a fabric lining around it. This can protect fine jewelry from scratches or dents when placing it into the box.  

When it comes to the best fine jewelry maintenance, repairs or making your next purchase, let the experts at 14 Karat help. After all, we know  the best way to clean jewelry. And we will give you the customer service you deserve and expect from your local jeweler. Visit us at The Shops of Legacy, 16950 Wright Plaza or check out our inventory online.