Living a more colorful life with gemstone jewelry

Living a more colorful life with gemstone jewelry

Living a more colorful life with gemstone jewelry

A lot of women have neutral jewelry in their jewelry boxes that they use for everyday wear. They tend to stick to more basic pieces and avoid brightly colored gems. While sticking to a diamond necklace or simple hoops can be easier to match, incorporating fun colorful jewelry can elevate your style to a whole new level! 

Check out some of our tips that can make adding gemstone jewelry to your outfit easier than ever!

1. Consider your personal coloring 

Think about your skin tone, eye color and even hair color. Skin color can help you to determine if you have cool or warm undertones and pick gems that belong in matching families. Cool undertones for example may want to wear blue colored gemstones to complement their rosy complexion. Another example is people with hazel eyes may want to wear jewelry with onyx present to bring out the gold in their pupils! While of course, you should get jewelry in any color you want, beginning with the colors that match you well is a good place to start. 

2. Combine different colors

You don’t have to go monochrome in order to wear fun colorful jewelry, mixing up different colors can actually be a great way to step up your style. When combining different colors, thinking about the color wheel can be extremely helpful. The best place to start for beginners is to wear analogous colors, or colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. An example would be mixing yellow and orange gemstone jewelry. Once you feel more comfortable with that you can expand into wearing complementary combinations like yellow and purple! 

3. Mix up styles

If mixing colors is not really your thing, or you would prefer to have matching pieces, then consider mixing up the styles! You can always rock all sapphire jewelry by wearing simple sapphire studs but a more ornate and elaborately designed statement sapphire necklace. 

4. Wear your birthstone 

Wearing your birthstone is a great first step into incorporating more fun colorful jewelry into your jewelry box. Not only can it liven up any outfit with a pop of color, but it also can help to accentuate your own personal style. If you don’t really like your birthstone, or don’t like the color, there are no rules that say you can’t borrow from another! 

5. Utilize color psychology

Colors can be powerful things and draw emotions out of people. Businesses utilize color theory all the time to drive certain results, and scientists have discovered that color can have actual physiological effects on the body! You can wear red if you want to capture someone's attention or wear green colored gemstones to promote peace and harmony. Use color theory to try and spread a message with your personal style, or to try and indirectly affect your own mood with it! 

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