Mother’s Day History and Celebration

Mother’s Day History and Celebration

Mother’s Day History and Celebration

Mother’s Day is Sunday  and moms are doing more than ever these days. They are cleaning more, homeschooling, cooking a lot of the meals and always making sure that everything is going to be okay. Moms always deserve our praise, but this year, why not make Mother’s Day even more special with a gift from 14 Karat? 

Our jewelry Omaha NE experts can help you pick out a gift for your mom or wife that shows how much you care and appreciate her! We now also offer virtual appointments, so you can pick out a gift from the comfort of your own home. Or you can come in person, we are still open and practicing safety procedures to keep everyone healthy. 

The History of Mother’s Day

There are three origin stories for how Mother’s Day came to be. The first is in 1858, when Anne Jarvis started to petition for Mother Work Days.  A day in which mothers would form together to help other mothers that were less fortunate than they were. 

Another origin story hails from Boston, when poet, pacifist and women suffragist Julia Ward Howard wanted a day of peace established. In 1870, Howard wrote the “Mother’s Day Proclamation,” which she hoped would unite mothers to promote peace amidst the bloody Franco-Prussian War. Later she would try and get people to celebrate Mother’s Peace Day annually. 

The origin story that resulted in the Mother’s Day that we are all familiar with actually still begins with Ann Jarvis. When Ann Jarvis passed away, her daughter, Anna Jarvis took up her mother’s call to create a day for moms. However, this time the day was to celebrate all that mothers do for their children. Anna remembers her own mother very clearly stating, “I hope and pray that someone, sometime, will found a memorial Mother’s Day commemorating her for the matchless service she renders to humanity in every field of life.” 

After Anna wrote countless letters to men in power and marketed the idea of celebrating mothers to other prominent people. Woodrow Wilson signed into effect on May 9, 1914, the proclamation that the second Sunday of the month in May would be for public reverence and love for the mothers in our country. 

Celebrate in style

This Mother’s day is a little different from most, but that does not mean the celebration is canceled. Our jewelry Omaha NE experts can help you to find the  jewelry piece the most special women in your life want. A popular idea is to get your mother a stackable ring with the  birthstones of each of her children. 

Diamond earrings or a diamond pendant necklace are other options to give mom the gift of sparkle this May 10. Something timeless and elegant, just like she is. 

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Mother’s day is this weekend, Sunday, May 10, make sure you get your mom something special. Our jewelry Omaha NE experts can help you to pick something out from our beautiful collection of fine jewels, or help you to create a custom one-of-a-kind piece. Either way, your mother is going to love it! Come and visit us at the Shops of Legacy, 168th and West Center Roads; across the parking lot from Roja. We have virtual appointments available daily.