Reasons to love stud earrings

Reasons to love stud earrings

Reasons to love stud earrings

Earrings have the power to make or break an outfit, emphasize your face shape and bring a little sparkle to your day. They can empower you to feel your best and are the perfect accessory for people of all ages. This is especially true for stud earrings! Our Nebraska jewelry experts go over all of the other reasons you should love stud earrings! 

1. They are timeless

Stud earrings never go out of style! They are typically the first type of earring someone gets when they get their ears pierced and can be upgraded throughout the years. Pearl studs, diamond studs and more are all jewelry pieces that every woman should own because they will never have to get rid of them! They can even be passed on as heirloom pieces because they stand the test of time. You do not have to worry about following seasonal trends when you have a pair of studs to fall back on! 

2. Easy way to incorporate color

Stud earrings can be one of the best ways to incorporate a pop of color into your outfit. Get a pair of stud earrings in your favorite gemstone color or birthstone for something different! While many people may get their favorite gemstone in a ring or bracelet, stud earrings are perfect for the woman who works a lot with her hands. Earrings allow  your favorite gems to be worn daily without the physical intensity that comes with wearing them on your hands. 

3. Perfect for every day

Stud earrings are a popular jewelry piece that women love to wear every day! Stud earrings are incredibly comfortable and less likely to hurt your ears after wearing them all day. Some women even sleep in their stud earrings because they are so comfortable! While our Nebraska jewelry experts say that you can wear studs to dress up an outfit, they are not too much that you would feel out of place wearing your everyday clothes. 

4. Go with every style

No matter if you lean into boho styles or take your inspiration from sporty spice, stud earrings will go with anything. They can be worn in any season, during any kind of weather and for any occasion. They are truly some of the most versatile jewelry pieces someone can own! They are a good go-to and simple way to make any outfit, regardless of style, feel very well put together! 

5. Makes stacking easy 

If you have more than one piercing, then it’s almost a necessity to have a great pair of stud earrings in your possession. Having multiple piercings is certainly a style statement and gives you more opportunities to express yourself. Putting studs somewhere in your earring stack will help to give the stack diversity in size and shape, making for a more inviting and interesting look. You can also fill your stack with all stud earrings and make them all different colors or textures! 

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