The history of May’s birthstone

The history of May’s birthstone

The history of May’s birthstone

This year's spring statement color is a fun and crisp green, which is perfect for people who are born in May. That is because, for those lucky people who get to call May their birth month, emerald is their birthstone! 

Emeralds are one of the four recognized precious gemstones alongside rubies, sapphires and diamonds. They are made from Beryl and get their green coloring from chromium and vanadium. As one of the oldest gemstones, they have a very rich and distinguished history that our 14 Karat gold experts explain below. 

History of the Emerald

One of the oldest written books that we have, the Papyrus Prisse, mentions the emerald by saying, “But good words are more difficult to find than the emerald, for it is by slaves that it is discovered among the rocks." This book is figured to have been written 4,500 years ago, but is a copy from a passage written 1,000 years earlier. This is thought to be written about the mines in Egypt that were well known for their emeralds. It was Queen Cleopatra’s favorite stone and her love of the gem is well documented. 

The stone was more popular in South America though with the Inca and Aztec tribes using emeralds in rituals and were highly prized in their society. When the conquistadors came to the “new world” they took emeralds from what is modern day Columbia and brought them back to Spain. Even to this day, Columbia holds the greatest percentage of emeralds, supplying over 50 percent of the world’s emerald stock. 

Emerald Lore and Properties

Since emeralds have such a lengthy history, there have been many properties associated with it. One is that because the emerald was the greenest green someone could see, by placing an emerald under one's tongues, one’s sight would become so great that you could see the future. Not only that but it was believed to lessen eye strain and help the wearer to relax. 

Emeralds were also used to discern if a lover was telling the truth or not. A wearer could use an emerald as a truth potion of sort to see if a lover's vow was honest. This is one of the reasons why the emerald can also be called the “stone of successful love.” It can increase loyalty and provide for domestic tranquility. 

The Perfect Gift

It makes sense that the gem that enhances unconditional love and unity is used as an anniversary gift for 20th, 35th and 55th wedding anniversaries. A 14 Karat gold piece with an emerald gem can be the perfect gift for your special someone, or for a birthday gift for someone born in May! Emerald’s hue is unmatched and sought after for the perfect piece of jewelry. It’s color signals new spring growth and is perfect for this season of life. 

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