The history of November’s birthstone

The history of November’s birthstone

The history of November’s birthstone

November can be a pretty cold month, but luckily, you can warm up next to one of November’s two birthstones: Citrine and Golden Topaz! These warm hued beauties are both great options for those born in November to choose from. Our jewelry Omaha NE experts at 14 Karat go over the history and some interesting factors as to what makes these two stones so special! 

All about Topaz

Before the twentieth century, all yellow gemstones were classified as topaz. This was long before mineralogists discovered that topaz can actually appear in a wide array of different colors. There are many other yellow gems that are chemically and structurally different from topaz. 

Topaz is believed to have derived from the word “tapas” in Sanskrit which means fire. According to the Ancient Greeks it was thought to provide strength, although later on Europeans believed that it could thwart magic spells. Those in India believed topaz would bring the wearer long life, beauty and intelligence if worn above the heart. 

Topaz can be found in a variety of different places, but some of the most sought after topaz gems can be found in Brazil in a state called Minas Gerais or the nearby town Ouro Preto. 

When taking care of your topaz gems, it's important to stay away from steam cleaners or other harsh cleaning methods. Topaz is an 8 on the MOHs scale and can be easily scratched if the proper precautions are not taken. Plus, long exposure to heat can cause topaz gems to become dull and lifeless. 

All about Citrine

Citrine is the more modern birthstone for November because of its affordability and also because it tends to be a little more durable than a topaz stone. Plus, it looks incredibly similar to the golden topaz, and has been getting mistaken for being the same stone for hundreds of years. Due to this, ancient people believed that citrine held all the same properties as topaz. 

Most of today’s citrine gems that are found on the marketplace are actually heat treated amethysts. These heat treated amethysts are most commonly mined from Brazil, but citrines are also mined from Bolivia, Spain, Madagascar, Mexico and Uruguay.

Citrines only garner a 7 on the MOHs scale, but they are still durable enough for everyday wear. They are safe to be cleaned with warm and soapy water, as well as with an ultrasonic machine. However, our jewelry Omaha NE experts at 14 Karat advise against using a steam machine to clean your citrine jewelry, as the heat can cause the stone to crack. 

Citrine and Topaz presents

Both Citrine and Golden Topaz jewelry pieces are the perfect present for someone born in November. These stones can also be used as a stacking ring to celebrate the birth of a child in November, or another special occasion! Citrine is also traditionally given as a 14th wedding anniversary present. Plus their golden earth tones make them a perfect gem for everyday wear to make any day feel special.

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