Things to know before going ring shopping

Things to know before going ring shopping

Things to know before going ring shopping

Buying an engagement ring can be one of the most exciting, and nerve-wracking, times for a couple! This is a ring your fiance will wear for the rest of their lives, so you want to make sure you pick out the right one. 

Buying an engagement ring doesn’t have to be difficult! Especially not when you keep these tips from our engagement rings Nebraska experts in mind. 

1. Narrow down the shape

One of the most important aspects of an engagement ring is the shape of the diamond! Diamonds come in many shapes and it can drastically change the appearance of the ring depending on what shape the center stone comes in. If your partner is on Pinterest and pinning princess cut diamond rings, then they probably will not be very happy if you propose with a round cut diamond. 

2. Pick a metal color

After deciding their favorite shape, the second thing your partner probably has picked out is14  what color metal they want. There are three main metals to choose from: platinum, gold and silver. While yellow gold and rose gold are surging in popularity nowadays, all four are beautiful options. Your best bet is to take a look at the jewelry they wear normally and see what metal color it is. That is usually a good indicator of what metal they like the most. 

3. Know the ring size

Nothing is worse than picking out the perfect ring only to find out that it doesn’t fit! Knowing your partner’s ring size is crucial, not just because not knowing can ruin the proposal, but because it can affect how long it takes to get the ring. The most common ring sizes are 5-7, and so if your partners are a lot larger or smaller than that, you will have to get it sized, which can take time. 

4. Have a budget in mind

The engagement rings Nebraska experts at our 14 Karat store will point out that there are rings available for any budget. If you walk into a store with no idea, then you might walk out with a ring that goes over what you wanted to spend. Having a price tag in mind allows you to pick and choose among carat sizes and settings to get a beautiful ring in budget. 

5. You can go custom

When shopping for an engagement ring, there is no hard and fast rule that you have to pick one at the store! If none of the ring options available seem right to you, or don’t fit your partner's personality, you can custom create your very own ring! This will allow you to make sure every single detail is perfect, and it will also make the ring more sentimental. You didn’t just pick it out for your partner, you made it special for them! 

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