Tips for caring and storing your jewelry

Tips for caring and storing your jewelry

Tips for caring and storing your jewelry

Jewelry is not just an accessory. Many pieces of jewelry are precious belongings that hold sentimental value, whether it be an engagement ring from the love of your life, a bracelet from your best friend or a necklace from your dad. To ensure your jewelry stays beautiful and lasts for years to come, proper care and storage are essential.

Your custom jewelry Omaha experts share some valuable tips to help you care for and store your jewelry effectively!

Keep your jewelry away from moisture

Exposure to moisture can cause tarnishing and damage certain gemstones. Whether it's swimming, showering or any other water-related activity, it's best to remove your jewelry beforehand.

Store your jewelry separately

To prevent scratches and tangling, store each piece of jewelry separately. Utilize soft pouches, individual compartments in a jewelry box or small plastic bags to keep them separated and protected.

Clean your jewelry regularly

Regular cleaning is crucial to remove dirt, oils and residues that can dull the appearance of your jewelry. Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth or a jewelry cleaning solution specifically formulated for your jewelry type.

Avoid exposure to any harsh chemicals

Chemicals found in cleaning products, perfumes, hairsprays and lotions can damage metals and gemstones. Prior to using any chemicals or applying cosmetics, remove your jewelry to prevent potential harm.

Take off jewelry during physical activities

Protect your jewelry from excessive force or impact by removing it during physical activities like sports, exercise or manual labor, especially if you have a labor-intensive job. This simple step can prevent accidental damage or loss.

Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place

To prevent tarnishing and protect delicate gemstones, it’s best to store your jewelry in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight and extreme temperature fluctuations that can harm its luster and structure.

Always handle with care

When handling your fine jewelry, always be gentle. Avoid pulling or tugging on delicate chains, prongs or settings. Additionally, it's wise to remove rings when washing your hands to prevent them from slipping off.

Get regular professional inspections

Periodically have your jewelry inspected by a professional jeweler, such as your custom jewelry Omaha experts. We can check for loose stones, worn prongs or any other issues that might require repair. Timely maintenance ensures the longevity of your precious pieces.

Use appropriate storage solutions

Choose storage solutions that provide cushioning and protection for your jewelry. Opt for jewelry boxes with soft lining, jewelry organizers with individual compartments or anti-tarnish bags. These options help prevent scratches and minimize oxidation.

Insure your most valuable pieces

If you own valuable or sentimental jewelry, it's wise to consider getting it appraised and insured. Having proper insurance coverage provides financial protection in case of loss, theft or damage.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your custom jewelry Omaha experts

Your jewelry deserves proper care and attention to maintain its beauty. By following these essential tips for caring and storing your jewelry, you can ensure its longevity and enjoy wearing your favorite pieces for years to come! Remember to consult specific care instructions for different types of jewelry and seek professional advice when needed. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns!