Valentine’s Day gift guide: Personalized jewelry for your partner

Valentine’s Day gift guide: Personalized jewelry for your partner

Valentine’s Day gift guide: Personalized jewelry for your partner

When it comes to gift-giving, it’s the thought that counts, and what’s more thoughtful than a personalized gift for your loved one? You probably know your partner better than anyone - from their habits, hobbies, and characteristics all the way down to their personal style. 

Spoil them this Valentine’s Day with jewelry that speaks to their unique personality and preferences. Our custom jewelry Omaha, NE experts, developed this guide to help you choose the right gift for your partner this Valentine’s Day!


The trendsetter

If your partner is always first to adopt the latest trends and styles, their jewelry collection should be no different. Gift them the newest and coolest in fine jewelry this Valentine’s Day. So, what’s in right now? One trend you can use to guide your shopping is chain-link jewelry. Not only will your partner be in trend, but the chain link will symbolize the strength of your bond. Our custom jewelry Omaha, NE experts are familiar with all of the latest jewelry trends to help you pick the perfect piece!


The minimalist

For the ‘less is more’ person, simplicity is key. Avoid any chunky, colorful pieces and go for the basics. The minimalist favors quality over quantity - so opt for everyday jewelry that goes with any outfit and will stand the test of time. For instance, dainty solid silver jewelry adds something to every look without drawing too much attention. 


The creative

Unlike the minimalist, the way to this one’s heart is with statement pieces. Choose jewelry that is just as unique as they are. Chunky necklaces with lots of detail and colored gems are some options to help them stand out amongst the crowd. If you choose the colored gems route, go for pinks, reds, and purples in the theme of Valentine’s Day


The glamorous

For the lover who enjoys the finer things in life, diamonds are their love language. Whether it’s a pair of earrings or a diamond-studded necklace, make them sparkle everywhere they go. Another idea that’s in line with the ‘more is more’ mindset is jewelry stacking. From necklaces, to rings, to bracelets, layering is all the rage right now. Cover their wrists in arm candy and show the world that they’re ‘cuffed.’ 


The athlete

If your partner lives a more active lifestyle, they need jewelry that is versatile to pair well with both gym clothes or formalwear. It must also be durable enough to stay on and out of the way during workouts. Necklaces and earrings are the perfect non-invasive jewelry for the athletic partner. Our custom jewelry Omaha, NE experts recommend rhodium-plated gold as it is most resistant to the wear and tear that can often come with strenuous physical activity.


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Now that you have a good idea of what to get your partner, it’s time to start shopping! Our custom jewelry Omaha, NE experts can help you even further in finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to show your person just how much you love and appreciate them. Contact us today!