Wedding anniversary gift ideas

Wedding anniversary gift ideas

Wedding anniversary gift ideas

Your wedding anniversary is such a special occasion to celebrate! After all, another year with the love of your life, what’s better than that? While there are the traditional anniversary gifts that many couples follow (first is paper, second is cotton, etc.) the milestone anniversaries deserve something special. Choose to commemorate your anniversary and love story with high-quality jewelry! 

Need some help figuring out what to get? Don’t worry! Our 14 Karat jewelry experts came up with a comprehensive list of what years to celebrate and what we recommend.


Year one

One full year together is best celebrated with gold! Gold is the traditional choice because it symbolizes the “preciousness” of time you’ve spent together. Not only that but it compliments the gold rings that you exchanged only a year earlier. Because of this, a good gift option could be another stacking ring that you can wear with your other wedding ring, or matching his and her bands if you didn’t do that for the wedding. You can do something in white, yellow or rose gold! 


Year five

The customary jewel that is used to celebrate five years together is sapphire! This blue beauty ranks a nine on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it the second most durable gemstone around after diamonds. This means it is perfect for everyday jewelry! You can get your partner new sapphire earrings, a necklace, bracelet, or whatever you think they would wear and love the most. 


Year 10

After spending 10 full years together, the customary jewelry gift consists of diamonds. 10 years is a big accomplishment and deserves a big gift! This would be the perfect time to get an eternity ring for your partner. This is a diamond band that can be stacked on top of their wedding and engagement ring and is supposed to cement forever with your person. Some people also choose to wear the new eternity ring alone on their ring finger. 


Year 15

The best way to celebrate 15 years together is with rubies! Rubies are traditionally red and can match the fiery passion that you have for your partner, but they also come in different colors. Rubies really stand out from among the crowd, and so does a 15 year marriage! A new ruby pendant from 14 Karat jewelry could be the perfect gift for them to add to their jewelry collection.


Year 20

Emeralds are unlike any other gemstone and look beautiful on all different people! Celebrate 20 years with a spectacular stone like the emerald. This gemstone is softer and not recommended for everyday wear. Get your partner a special piece of jewelry with emeralds that they can wear for special occasions. 


Year 25

A quarter of a century is celebrated with silver jewelry! From sterling silver to platinum, there are a lot of different jewelry pieces to choose from that you can celebrate with. Our 14 Karat jewelry experts can help you choose between standalone metal pieces or adding some color with their favorite gemstone. 


Year 30

Pearls are a gift from the ocean that typically take years and years to form. They take a piece of grit or sand and form something beautiful over time. You have built a beautiful 30 year marriage, so there is not a better gift than pearls that signify beauty and lasting union. 


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