What to do with jewelry that no longer fits

What to do with jewelry that no longer fits

What to do with jewelry that no longer fits

While it can be extremely sad when our favorite pair of jeans no longer fits us, it does not begin to compare to how we feel when some of our favorite jewelry pieces no longer fit us. Jewelry has both monetary and sentimental value that can make it very difficult to just give up on or throw away. Luckily, our custom jewelry Omaha NE experts have some tips that can help you to keep your favorite pieces of jewelry even when they don’t fit anymore. 

Get it resized

While this may seem obvious, many people do not think to get their jewelry pieces resized when they get too small or even too big. However, it is a fairly simple solution that should not be overlooked! This is especially true for your engagement ring. Many engagement rings have to be resized and a lot of jewelers are very familiar with the process. Although typically it is best to only go up or down by two sizes, anything more could put stress on the ring. 

Do you have a bracelet or a necklace that has become too small? Those can be resized too! By taking them in and getting more links added to them, or getting chain extenders can help your jewelry piece to fit better. 

Create a brand new piece 

When one door closes, another one opens. If one particular jewelry piece becomes too small or too large to wear, you can always create a brand new piece with it that will fit! Our custom jewelry Omaha NE experts are great at helping you to design and repurpose old jewelry! You can take the stones out of an old bracelet and turn it into a new pair of stunning earrings, or maybe a teardrop necklace!

The opportunities are endless. This is also the perfect way to incorporate heirloom pieces that were gifted to you that either don’t fit or are not your style. You can keep the integrity, memories and overall essence of the piece while simultaneously creating something more modern that you will wear. 

Wear it creatively

If you do not feel comfortable breaking down your old jewelry pieces to create a new one, you can always get more creative with how you wear them! Our custom jewelry Omaha NE experts say that old rings that no longer fit can be put on a chain and instead worn as a necklace. Necklaces that have gotten a bit tight can potentially be repurposed into a beautiful bracelet instead. 

Keep it for posterity

If you have decided that none of the above options are really for you, then you can always decide to put away the pieces that no longer fit and save them for posterity. Giving your jewelry pieces to future generations can help to breathe new life into the piece and you get satisfaction knowing that such a gorgeous and sentimental piece of jewelry is getting worn again. If you decide to save your jewelry for this purpose, you will want to make sure you know how to properly store them so that they do not get damaged overtime. 

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While it can be a sad day when you discover old jewelry doesn’t fit any longer, it does not mean you have to give that jewelry up! Our custom jewelry Omaha NE experts would love to help you create a new piece, or help you to find a replacement piece from our stunning collection. Come and visit us at the Shops of Legacy, 168th and West Center Roads!