Winter jewelry trends

Winter jewelry trends

Winter jewelry trends

Winter can be a magical time when it comes to new jewelry trends and getting fun new accessories. It’s a brand new year and you want to make sure that you are greeting it in style! It’s time to update your jewelry box with the season’s hottest new items that will keep you chic and poised. Our 14 Karat gold experts go over the biggest trends you can expect to see this coming season.

1. Thick necklaces

One of the biggest trends you can expect to see for winter is thick necklaces. With lots of turtle necks and shirt layers being worn to combat the colder weather, bigger necklaces are more easily seen. This trend is emerging in two main ways: chains and chokers. Wearing chunky chains and heavy metal jewelry could be seen in last year’s fall jewelry trends and it is trickling into this season as well. This trend has touches of Greek influence and can make you feel like a powerful warrior when you wear it. 

2. Chunky bracelets 

Nothing matches your new thick necklaces quite like a new chunky bracelet. Chunky bracelets could be seen all over the high fashion runways and are expected to be huge this winter. Our 14 Karat gold experts say this trend can be done in any shade of metal, with gemstones or without and with any sort of texture or design. 

3. Tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelets, or a thin wrist accessory usually strung with diamonds and with secure clasps, have risen extremely fast in popularity this past year thanks to a Tik Tok trend that involves them. This helped to encourage a younger generation to invest in tennis bracelets and has made it a huge trend for winter jewelry. This thin bracelet can be the perfect opportunity for someone to embrace a season’s trend if they feel that their style does not line up with chunky jewelry. 

4. Moonstone jewelry

While moonstones are June’s birthstone, they are expected to be a huge trend for winter and well into 2021. They are a gemstone that typically stands for peace, hope and happiness – emotions that we are all manifesting for 2021. So as an accessory it can be worn to not only bring some beauty to every outfit, but also as a way to bring forth some positivity. 

5. Pearls 

Pearls are the epitome of eternal jewelry that never goes out of style! Every season pearls are a huge trend, although they can be seen in different ways. We have seen traditional pearl trends, pearls with a more modern design, and for this winter, we can see pearls being fused with chain jewelry. However, no matter what version of pearls you choose to wear, you are sure to be in the height of fashion. 

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