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Cleaning your favorite jewelry pieces

With proper care, your favorite jewelry pieces will continue to shine bright.

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Diamond education for first-time buyers

When it comes to buying diamonds, there are a lot of technical terms, grading scales and a multitude of options.

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The influence of diamond size on engagement rings

Learn how diamond size influences the overall appeal of an engagement ring.

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The allure of black diamonds

For those who appreciate the beauty of the unconventional, black diamonds are a great choice.

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2024 engagement ring trends

2024’s engagement ring trends include distinctive gemstones, captivating designs and sustainable choices!

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Upgrading your ring this holiday season

The holiday season is the perfect time to consider upgrading your engagement ring.

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Bridal jewelry and accessory trends

Modern bridal jewelry trends reflect the bride's desire to blend tradition with personal style and values.

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Jewelry and self expression

Embrace the art of self-expression through jewelry!

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The romance of vintage engagement rings

Vintage rings are celebrated for their exquisite craftsmanship.

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What to do about bad ring resizing

Know that there are options available to ensure that your ring becomes a source of joy and lasting memories once again.

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