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Ways you’re putting your wedding band at risk

Caring for your wedding band is important, it’s a ring meant to last forever and it signifies your forever love!

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Winter jewelry care

These five tips will help you be able to enjoy and wear your jewelry all winter long!

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2022/2023 NYE jewelry style guide

Here are some ideas to help you style your jewelry for the new year! 

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Good jewlery gifts for those you love

See what jewelry is the best gift for your significant other, friends or family!

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Why jewelry is a good holiday present

You can’t go wrong with jewelry as a gift!

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Other gem options for engagement rings

Here are some of the best alternative gems for engagement rings!

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History of the world’s most expensive jewelry

Here is a synopsis of the world’s most expensive pieces of jewelry!

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Winter jewelry trends

Discover this year's winter jewelry trends!

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Books about jewelry for the literature and jewelry enthusiast

Some jewelry is so admirable that books just had to be written about it!

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How to properly store your fine jewelry

To ensure your jewelry lasts a lifetime and keeps its beauty, it should always be put away correctly when you’re done wearing it. Here is how to properly store your jewelry!

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