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Every type of jewelry metal

Learn about the different metals that can be used in the creation of jewelry!

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The different types of jewelry defined

Here are the six different types of jewelry!

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Birthstones by the month

Learn about each month’s birthstone!

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Guide to colored gemstones

Learn about different colored gemstones!

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Ways you’re putting your wedding band at risk

Caring for your wedding band is important, it’s a ring meant to last forever and it signifies your forever love!

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Cleaning an engagement ring

Here are some tipsĀ on cleaning engagement rings with diamonds and other popular stones!

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Winter jewelry care

These five tips will help you be able to enjoy and wear your jewelry all winter long!

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How to properly store your fine jewelry

To ensure your jewelry lasts a lifetime and keeps its beauty, it should always be put away correctly when you’re done wearing it. Here is how to properly store your jewelry!

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Introducing your little one to fine jewelry

Here are some tips for introducing your child to fine jewelry.

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The trick to getting her jewelry she’ll love

So how do you make sure you’re getting her jewelry she’ll love? We give you all the tips you need to give the best gift ever! 

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