The different types of jewelry defined

The different types of jewelry defined

The different types of jewelry defined

From estate jewelry to permanent jewelry, there are quite a few different types of jewelry. Your custom jewelry Omaha experts wanted to give you a definition of each so you can better understand them. Below are the six different types of jewelry!

Estate jewelry

Estate jewelry can also be called heirloom jewelry as it’s a piece of jewelry that has had a previous owner, whether it be someone living or deceased. The jewelry does not have to be a certain age to be considered estate jewelry, but you will commonly see estate jewelry that’s decades or older. If the jewelry is older than 100 years old, it’s considered antique jewelry.

Costume jewelry

Costume jewelry, or fashion jewelry, are inexpensive pieces that follow a trend or imitate a more expensive style. These pieces commonly feature simulated gemstones or real crystals with a metal such as silver, nickel or brass rather than a precious metal. Costume jewelry can be worn every day, but is not necessarily made to last.

Demi-fine jewelry

Demi-fine jewelry is the jewelry in between costume and fine jewelry. It’s a higher quality than costume jewelry, but not as precious as fine jewelry. These pieces will most often combine sterling silver with a plating of real gold or silver. They also feature real gemstones.

Fine jewelry

Fine jewelry is sometimes called luxury jewelry. These pieces are made of gold or platinum, and they feature real gemstones such as diamonds, pearls and other precious stones. This jewelry is durable and made to last, so it’s great for daily wear.

High jewelry

High jewelry contains rare gemstones and precious metals. These pieces have unique designs and are often handmade by a well-known jewelry designer working for a worldwide brand. You will most commonly see celebrities wearing these to red carpet events.

Permanent jewelry

Permanent jewelry is a new trend in which jewelry is fitted and placed on permanently. They can be bracelets, clasps, necklaces, anklets and even rings. They are most commonly little, dainty chains made of high-quality metals like pure gold, so they can be worn every day and while showering. Most of them can be cut off if the owner no longer wishes to wear them. 

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