Which type of ring metal should you choose

Which type of ring metal should you choose

Which type of ring metal should you choose

Some people know exactly what they want, and others like to consider a few options. When it comes to choosing a metal for your engagement ring, lots of things come into play. From cost to the center stone, to your lifestyle, you’ll learn some options are better than others. Your custom jewelry Omaha experts know that each person is different, so it’s no wonder that each person wants something different in their ring.

Below are some things to consider when deciding which ring is best for you, as well as an explanation of each metal!


Some metals are going to cost more than others. However, others may need to be replated down the road, requiring a more than one-time cost. For example, white gold and rose gold are mixed with rhodium and copper, respectively, to create their color, which can wear down over time. A rare metal, such as platinum, is going to cost more. Price is something to take into consideration when choosing a metal for your ring.

Center stone

What’s also important to consider is the center stone. What color of metal will accent this stone the best? The center stone is the star of the show, but you want the metal surrounding it to complement it well. If you already have the stone picked out, or if you know your significant other prefers yellow gold, your custom jewelry Omaha can help you choose what’s best. Some diamond color grades will appear differently on particular metals. Also, if you’re opting for a stone other than a diamond, certain metals accent various stones better than others.


Your lifestyle also matters in this choice. If you have sensitive skin, you will want to go with platinum, palladium or titanium, as your skin can be sensitive to the alloys in white or rose gold. Palladium and titanium are less expensive options than platinum, and all of these metals are hypoallergenic and long-lasting. If you use your hands a lot when you work, you’ll want to pick a metal that is less malleable and doesn’t tarnish.


White gold is the most popular metal for an engagement ring. White gold is a cheaper alternative to the similar platinum color. White gold does need replating after frequent wear due to the alloys mixed to create the color, as well as the environments it’s worn in and the oils and other chemicals it can come in contact with. It’s very popular but does require upkeep.

Yellow gold is favored by many. It’s the purest of the three gold types, it is hypoallergenic and it’s easy to upkeep. Yellow gold is also easier to create an intricate setting with because of its purity. It also favors warmer skin tones and diamonds in a lower color grade.

Rose gold is often appealing because of its pinkish hue. It combines gold, copper and a bit of silver. Those who don’t like the traditional gold or silver band can choose this option. You can pair this metal with a stone in a warmer color. You must know that rose gold will tarnish over time, so be picky in choosing the gold metal.


Platinum is the most durable metal for engagement rings. Its durability, rarity and purity can accentuate the cost. It also doesn’t tarnish as quickly as other metals, but over time will lose metal mass and acquire a patina. The platinum color, just like yellow gold, comes naturally. It is a bit harder to work with than other metals and can cost more when designing a setting, but there are fewer maintenance fees in the long run when compared to its counterparts.


Palladium is similar to platinum because they both have a silver finish. It’s a harder metal, and thus more durable and scratch resistant. It retains its color better than other metals but can have added alloys to create a more white color. You will find that it serves as a cost-friendly alternative to platinum. If you have your heart set on a silver ring, this is a great option.


We often see this metal in wedding bands, rather than engagement rings. Tungsten is a strong metal, making it a good choice for those who work with their hands or have an active lifestyle. If you’re allergic to gold or another metal, tungsten is hypoallergenic. It’s also more affordable than platinum. Most tungsten metal rings are silver in finish but can be treated to an even darker color.

Silver and Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is stronger than typical silver as it is made of 92.5% silver with the other 7.5% being another metal, usually copper. Silver does tarnish faster than other metals and requires more frequent cleaning. It’s much softer than platinum and gold, making it easier for scratches and dents to happen and show. Silver is less expensive than every other metal, but is not often used in rings for everyday wear.

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