2023 engagement ring trends

2023 engagement ring trends

2023 engagement ring trends

Many used to be most concerned with the size of the diamond on their engagement ring, but now we’re seeing brides who are interested in every detail of their ring. They want their ring to encompass a timeless design that matches their personality. The engagement ring trends for 2023 vary widely, but that’s because the trend for customization is growing. If you’re searching for engagement rings Nebraska that align with 2023 trends, here are some options!

Bezel settings

Bezel settings have a thin metal rim surrounding the stone on the ring, protecting the stone on all sides. Those who are choosing a more delicate stone than a diamond might opt for this setting. This setting is most popularly used with emerald, asscher, radiant, cushion and oval cut diamonds.

Black diamonds

Unconventional brides are choosing black diamonds. Along with black diamonds breaking the tradition, we’ve seen emeralds and sapphires in engagement rings as well. Black diamonds may also cost less due to consumer demand. They appear gorgeous and dramatic on any engagement ring.

Antique diamonds

Antique-cut diamonds were mined and hand-cut anywhere from the 1300s to 1930. No two diamonds are the same, which makes an engagement ring unique. Popular antique cuts are old mine, old Euro and rose-cut diamonds.

Spotlighting the setting

Settings are getting just as much focus as the center stone. Many brides are now looking for a ring that both highlights the stone and includes a fully designed, beautiful setting. Curved bands can accentuate the stone and make the setting stand out.

Cluster stones

Adding more than one diamond to an engagement ring is a popular technique. More and more brides are choosing asymmetrical cluster rings. These rings feature a center stone or diamond with stones or other diamonds clustered around. Younger couples are able to design something that is their own.


Many brides are also opting to add color to their engagement ring, and emeralds are the most popular. Emeralds are modern and aesthetically pleasing. Some are even adding emeralds to a diamond ring, creating a gorgeous contrast.

Mixed metals

Choosing yellow gold and platinum for your ring setting is a popular move. If you cannot choose one, why not go with both? Yellow gold and platinum allow your diamond to pop even more. If you want to incorporate different metals in your bridal jewelry, you can choose a mixed metals engagement ring.

Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are sustainable, and if you’re shooting for a sustainable ring, these are a great choice. Many are concerned with how their purchase affects the diamond, and want to know that the diamond they are purchasing was ethically sourced. We already know about clarity, cut, carat and color, but now we’re adding climate neutrality. Lab-grown diamonds are grown in a lab and leave a net zero carbon footprint.

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