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The romance of vintage engagement rings

Vintage rings are celebrated for their exquisite craftsmanship.

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What to do about bad ring resizing

Know that there are options available to ensure that your ring becomes a source of joy and lasting memories once again.

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Reasons to love white gold diamond hoop earrings

White gold diamond hoop earrings are an exquisite and versatile addition to any jewelry collection.

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The benefits of creating custom jewelry

Discover the numerous benefits of creating custom jewelry, and take a look at the process of one of the custom rings Alyssa has created!

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How long does it take to get a ring sized

It’s an intricate process, and certain factors influence the time it takes to get a ring sized.

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Reasons to love a double halo ring

When it comes to selecting an engagement ring that truly dazzles, the double halo design is a captivating option.

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Factors to consider when buying a diamond engagement ring

Here are the essential factors you should take into account when buying a diamond engagement ring.

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A guide to upgrading your engagement ring

Check out these tips for upgrading your engagement ring!

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Carat vs. Karat

Learn the difference between carat and karat!

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Why you should invest in fine jewelry

Fine jewelry is elegant and anyone can wear it.

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