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Choosing the right engagement ring for your partner

There’s a lot that goes into picking out the perfect engagement ring for your partner.

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The different types of ring settings

Although the center stone is the main focal point of the ring, the ring setting is just as important.

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UPDATE: The anatomy of a ring

Here are the details and components that come into play when creating a ring!

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A complete guide to wedding band rings

Although engagement rings seem to get the most attention, selecting the right wedding band is also important.

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Spring 2023 jewelry trends

These six trends are in this spring!

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Ways you’re putting your wedding band at risk

Caring for your wedding band is important, it’s a ring meant to last forever and it signifies your forever love!

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Which type of ring metal should you choose

Gold? Platinum? Tungsten? Which is best for you?

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Moss agate as an engagement ring gemstone

Here's what to consider when designing a moss agate ring!

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Cleaning an engagement ring

Here are some tipsĀ on cleaning engagement rings with diamonds and other popular stones!

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Heirloom versus new engagement ring

Here’s how to go about heirloom engagement rings, as well as some tips when it comes to choosing a brand-new ring!

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