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What to do about bad ring resizing

Know that there are options available to ensure that your ring becomes a source of joy and lasting memories once again.

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How to tell if silver jewelry is fake

Here are the key indicators that can help you distinguish genuine silver from its fake counterparts.

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Fall 2023 Jewelry Trends

Fall 2023 brings forth a palette of rich colors, textures and styles, and the jewelry scene is no exception.

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A wearers guide to pearl jewelry

Learn the essentials of selecting, wearing and caring for pearl jewelry!

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Rarest gemstones

Among the vast array of precious stones, some are truly extraordinary due to their scarcity and unparalleled beauty.

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Reasons to love white gold diamond hoop earrings

White gold diamond hoop earrings are an exquisite and versatile addition to any jewelry collection.

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Why 14 karat is a good choice

Among the various karat options available for gold jewelry, 14 karat gold is a popular choice.

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The benefits of creating custom jewelry

Discover the numerous benefits of creating custom jewelry, and take a look at the process of one of the custom rings Alyssa has created!

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How to style siver jewelry

 From dainty silver necklaces to statement silver rings, here's how to style silver jewelry.

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7 ways to summer-proof your jewelry

Ensure your pieces remain safe and stunning!

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