Diamond Color

Using the GIA grading scale, diamonds range in color from D to Z. There is no A, B, or C grade. D is the most colorless and Z the most yellow. The yellowness in diamonds is a result of more nitrogen in the mineral and the more yellow a diamond is, the less the value.

Colors D, E, and F are the colorless. These diamonds present virtually no color. They are also extremely translucent and allow for maximum color dispersion. This is what happens when you “flash” a diamond under bright lights and can see a rainbow spectrum of color radiating from the diamond. These diamonds are rare and bring a premium price but are worth the investment for those who truly want what they offer.

Colors G, H, I and J represent the near-colorless range. These diamonds will face up white and will not bring the premium in price that a colorless diamond will. Again, the higher the color the more expensive, so J will definitely be the price leader in this range.

Colors K, L and M form the faint yellow category. These diamonds will be considerably less expensive. Diamonds in this range will display a noticeable yellow color.

diamond color chart

14 Karat Recommendation on DIAMOND COLOR

Color is a preference. However, if you are looking to maximize your budget, a near colorless stone will almost always be the best bang for the buck. At 14 Karat, we recommend the grades F, G, H and I. These diamonds have no visible heavy yellow hue and will allow for money to be spent more evenly on the other 4-C factors.