How to Choose

At 14 Karat we believe that there is a perfect diamond for every customer. Regardless of budget, there is a perfect fit for color, clarity, cut and carat weight - the 4 Cs. We make it our mission to determine what you want and fit that need. If we don’t have it in our current stock, we will obtain the diamond for you usually within a day at no increase in cost. Wearing a diamond from 14 Karat is our best advertising and we take pride in making sure that it’s perfect every time. That’s the 14 Karat difference.

Commonly asked questions about diamonds:

What is a diamond made of? 
A diamond is made entirely of carbon (just like the graphite in a pencil). However, while graphite is very soft, the carbon atoms in a diamond form in such a way as to create the hardest known substance. This special structure allows diamonds to take a superior polish and project more brilliance than any other natural colorless gemstone.

Can a diamond break or chip? 
Even though diamonds are extremely hard, they can still be damaged from abuse. Diamonds can scratch each other and all other gemstones, such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and pearls. Store your diamonds away from other gems in your jewelry box and don’t wear any valuable gemstones while doing hard work.

How should I clean my diamond?
Anything that cuts grease will help remove the build-up of oil and dirt from a diamond. Commercially prepared jewelry cleaner is perfectly suited for this purpose as is dish detergent and a bit of ammonia.