2022 engagement ring trends

2022 engagement ring trends

2022 engagement ring trends

Your engagement ring is a timeless piece of jewelry that you will hopefully treasure forever. While you want a ring that will stand the test of time, it will be hard to avoid all of the trends that are emerging in the coming year. Finding an engagement ring that is the perfect blend of timeless and trendy is what our engagement rings Nebraska experts are best at! These are some of the biggest 2022 engagement ring trends you can expect to see this year:

Oval cut diamonds

2021 was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the popularity of oval cut diamonds. In fact, according to Google, oval engagement rings have been the most searched diamond cut for the past five years. Celebrity couples like Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian and Hailey and Justin Bieber are cementing this trend and giving us all serious ring goal vibes. Our engagement rings Nebraska experts love that you can embrace this trend in any setting you like, making it more personalized and unique to you. 

Elongated shapes

Other diamond cut shapes that will be trending this year are elongated shapes. Emerald cut diamonds and elongated cushions are in high demand due to their ability to make a wearer's finger appear slimmer. These shapes are also in high demand due to the rising popularity of east-west settings and how well they fit horizontally across a finger. 

Vintage-inspired designs

Many couples this year will turn to creating a custom ring and take inspiration from vintage designs. Ultimately this means a play on halo rings, but instead of smaller pave diamonds surrounding the center stone, the surrounding gems are slightly larger and can create a floral like design. The important thing is that the center stone is still the star. It is thought that these retro inspired designs are rising in popularity thanks to the also popular Bridgerton series. 

Bigger stones and bands

You’ve heard the bigger the better before, right? Well, this year, it’s applying to engagement rings! This doesn’t apply to just the center stone, although many people wouldn’t turn down an extra carat or two, it also refers to band width. Larger and thicker bands are rising in popularity, with even double-sided bands making an appearance. Wider bands that surround the whole diamond, like what you saw in the 80s, is what couples are gravitating towards. 

Two stone rings

Brides-to-be who are having a tough time deciding on a center stone will love this trend the most! Our engagement rings Nebraska experts are seeing rings with two center stones center stage become more and more popular. This can be two same cut stones together, or two different shapes paired like with Ariana Grande. This ring also has a special symbolic meaning of two people, or two stones, coming together as one. It’s a beautiful sentiment perfect for an engagement ring!

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