A complete guide to wedding band rings

A complete guide to wedding band rings

A complete guide to wedding band rings

Although engagement rings seem to get the most attention, selecting the right wedding band is also important. Wedding bands for men tend to be simpler than wedding rings for women. You can embed jewels in your band and there are a variety of different finishes. Below is a complete guide to wedding bands Omaha, NE!

Decide who will buy the ring

Exchanging rings on your wedding day can be seen as a gesture of love. Tradition is for the groom to buy the engagement ring for the bride and for the bride to buy the wedding band for the groom. However, the choice of who buys the wedding band is ultimately up to you as a couple. It also depends on your personal preferences, cultural background and financial situation. Maybe you and your partner have a joint bank account dedicated to your wedding and you are choosing to purchase the rings together, or maybe you want to pay for each other’s ring as a symbol of commitment.

Do you want it to match your finacé’s engagement ring?

There is no rule that says the groom’s wedding band has to match the bride’s engagement ring. Some couples do want them to match, and others opt for a ring catered to each of their individual styles. You are going to wear these rings forever, so it’s best you each have something you love. If you’re a sucker for tradition, you probably want them to match. However, many couples are saying goodbye to traditions and doing what suits them best.

Consider jewelry insurance

It’s often inexpensive to bundle jewelry insurance with your already existing insurance policies, such as homeowners and car insurance. You could also get separate insurance for your jewelry, as many companies offer insurance specifically for jewelry. Getting your jewelry insured depends on the likelihood you’ll need it. For example, if you have a labor-intensive job and you plan on wearing your wedding band, you might want to get it insured.

Get into the details

You’ll need to decide on the metal, if you want any stones, engraving or etching, the width and finish. White gold is a popular choice for wedding bands. Consider your lifestyle and the ways you might be putting your wedding band at risk when choosing a metal. Stones can be added to any ring to make it unique. Some options include diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. A line of jewels in between the metal is a sleek look for men’s rings.

If you want a design or any text engraved, know that it does make the ring harder to clean and build-up can get caught in between the design or letters. The typical width ranges from 1mm to 8mm. Men usually choose a band between 4mm and 7mm. For the finish, you can choose from stone, brush, matte, hammered, sandblast or a satin polish.

Shop for  wedding bands Omaha, NE

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