Antique cut diamonds

Antique cut diamonds

Antique cut diamonds

Antique-cut diamonds cater to those who love vintage engagement ring styles. There are four main antique cuts, the single, rose, old mine and old European cuts. When you choose one of these diamonds, you have the opportunity to customize your ring setting, creating a unique diamond ring. Many of these diamonds are heirloom jewelry, and those with one of these diamond cuts can create a modern ring setting with the same diamond.

Your custom jewelry Omaha experts explain the four antique cuts below!

Single cut

The single cut is an octagonal-shaped diamond with a simple, yet elegant design. These diamonds are also known as eight cuts, as they have eight crown facets and eight pavilion facets. This cut dates back to the 1300s. Nowadays, this shape is used more often in accent diamonds than the centerpiece.

Rose cut

The rose cut diamond gets its name as it resembles the shape of a rose flower. These diamonds have 3 to 24 facets, with a flat bottom and a dome-shaped crown that allows the facet to meet in the center at an apex. This is one of the oldest diamond cuts, dating back to the 1500s. These were popular in the Victorian and Georgian eras. We are beginning to see this cut appear in engagement rings again.

Old mine cut

The old mine cut is a square-shaped diamond with slightly rounded corners. It’s very similar to the modern cushion cut. These diamonds have 58 facets, with a large culet, deep pavilion, small table and high crown. This shape came about in the early 1700s and was popular in the Victorian and Georgian eras. What’s unique about this shape is that jewelers created it to minimize the loss of the rough diamond and to maximize the carat weight.

Old European cut

The old European cut is a round-shaped diamond, similar to the round cut. This cut is more of an organic shape because it is cut less precisely than round-cut diamonds. These diamonds have a large culet, that is smaller than the old mine cut, as well as a small table and high crown. We began to see this shape in the late 1800s and it was popular in the late Victorian era, as well as the Edwardian era and Art Deco period. This is known as one of the more advanced antique cut diamond shapes, and it showcases a vintage look.

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There are many reasons to purchase an antique cut diamond. If you love the antique style, a modern rendition of one of these shapes would be perfect for you. You can feel like you’re wearing a one-of-a-kind diamond ring, and since some of these diamonds are repurposed, you can rest easy knowing there was no environmental harm in creating your diamond ring. These diamonds are warmer in color, less expensive, environmentally friendly, GIA certified and give you a truly unique ring setting. If you’re looking for one of these cuts, reach out to your custom jewelry Omaha experts! Contact us or stop in our store today.