Diamond Spotlight: Round Cut Diamonds

Diamond Spotlight: Round Cut Diamonds

Diamond Spotlight: Round Cut Diamonds

When thinking about diamond cuts and shapes, people would be surprised by how many factors are dependent on them. Things like price, color and even shine can depend on what shape of diamond you get. A well cut diamond can really show off the gem’s best characteristics.

There’s no question that a round cut diamond is the most popular shape, but why? Our 14 Karat jewelry experts are here to tell you! 

The benefits of round-cut diamonds

Beauty: With 73 percent of all diamond sales globally being round cut diamonds, it’s not a question that they are beautiful. Of all diamond cuts and shapes, round brilliants have no equal when it comes to their glamorous shine. Jewelers have been perfecting the round-cut diamond to include 58 faucets that can optimize light reflection and give off the perfect sparkle. 

Color: Due to the amount of faucets and light that can be let into a round cut diamond, color is especially important. This “diamond fire,” or light reflection, is what can give a diamond its character. Diamonds with a color grade D, E or F lean towards “Colorless” and G-Z show an increasing amount of warmth. 

Flexibility: Round diamonds will typically give the wearer the most flexibility in terms of balancing cut, color and clarity without sacrificing sparkle. Not only that, but of all diamond cuts and shapes, a round cut diamond is the most versatile in fitting in different types of ring settings. Whether you want a more vintage design, a double halo or a simple band– a round cut diamond will look gorgeous! 

Timeless: A round cut diamond ring is one of the most classic and timeless pieces of jewelry there are. It can be cherished and passed on from generation to generation. It is something that will never go out of style! 

How to wear round cut diamonds

Diamond Solitaire earrings: Round cut diamonds make perfect solitaire earrings! They are lightweight, match anything and can dress up any outfit. They can be the perfect gift for someone special in your life, and come in many different sizes and styles that anyone would love. 

Diamond solitaire necklace: A single round cut diamond hanging from your neck can be a classy statement piece. It can be a beautiful necklace that is the perfect accessory for a night out on the town, but also versatile enough to be your everyday statement piece. Plus, a diamond solitaire pendant is another jewelry piece that can be passed down for generations without going out of style.

Bridal Set: The most popular way to wear a round cut diamond is in engagement rings and wedding bands. Having a nice solitaire ring setting of a round cut diamond, or an eternity band with a full circle of them can really make your ring finger glitter. There’s no question that the round cut diamond is a top choice among brides for this exact reason! 

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