Different Engagement Ring Settings

Different Engagement Ring Settings

Different Engagement Ring Settings

There are a lot of factors that go into picking out the perfect engagement ring. Most people have their preference in gemstone, what shape they would like it to be and what metal they want it to be made of. Sometimes the most overlooked factor is the  engagement ring setting. 

Engagement ring settings f come in  several different  styles and help to make your ring unique. Finding out your setting preference can help our 14 Karat jewelry specialists narrow down your choices and discover the perfect engagement ring or help you design a custom ring of your own! 

Prong Setting

A prong setting for your engagement ring is a classic choice. It is one of the most common designs for a setting because of its simplicity and ability to show off your diamond or gemstone. Prong settings usually feature four to six prongs, which are little metal claws that will help to secure and lift up your diamond from the band. 

People like prong settings because there is minimal metal showing, it's simple to clean and take care of and it allows light to shine through your diamond– increasing brilliance. However, it is recommended that you get your prong setting inspected every couple of years to ensure that it does not loosen over time. 

Channel Setting

A channel setting is when smaller diamonds are set in a row into the band of the ring making a metal channel. Channel settings are great because it can enhance your rings sparkle by incorporating side stone along the side of your ring. It also is prong free which means that there is a less likely chance that you will snag your ring on something. However, a channel setting can be harder to clean if dirt gets stuck within the channel.

Tension Setting 

Tension settings make your center stone appear to be suspended. This is due to the use of lasers cutting a tiny groove into the sides of the band, and the diamond gets held in place by the force of the band pushing into the stone. This is the perfect engagement ring setting for the unique bride who wants her ring to stand out and helps to provide a modern, and stylish look. 

Bezel Setting 

A bezel setting has the diamond or stone surrounded partially or fully by a metal rim. This type of setting will secure the stone beautifully, and be perfect at hiding imperfections that the stone may have. This can also make your stone have a smooth surface. However, the one downside is you will not see as much of your diamond as other settings would allow. 

Cathedral Setting

For a regal and traditional bride, the perfect engagement ring boasts the cathedral setting. This type of setting works well with a solitaire stone and can show off your diamond beautifully. Similar to the prong setting in nature, the cathedral setting also includes arches and metal to hold your stone. 

Bar Setting

This type of setting will set stones separately between vertical bars of metal. This is kind of like a channel setting, but instead of encasing the whole stone in metal, only the two sides are. This can offer more sparkle and be perfect for a stacking ring as well or a wedding band. 

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