Finding a ring that fits your style

Finding a ring that fits your style

Finding a ring that fits your style

Every woman has her own personal style and should have the perfect engagement ring to compliment that style! Whether you consider yourself to be fashionable, classic or vintage our jewelry experts at 14 Karat can show you how to pick out an engagement ring you will love! 

The first step is deciding what your true style is. There are a lot of fun ring style quizzes that you can take online, but breaking down your true sense of self goes deeper than just what your favorite cereal brand says about you. Some self-reflecting on who you are and your preferences will help you to pick out the perfect engagement ring more so than an online quiz. Once you have a good idea of what you like and want, read on to find out what engagement ring style is right for you! 


Someone with a classic style does not fall for trends. They have things in their closet that they bought five years ago that they not only still wear today but have never gone out of style. Someone with this style would love a solitaire engagement ring. Solitaire settings really let the diamond showcase its beauty all on its own. It never goes out of style because diamonds are eternal. 

The most popular cut for a classic, solitaire setting is a round-cut stone. This is because it has a higher “brilliance” or shine factor than other cuts, it’s symmetrical and it has been in style since 1919. 


If you are someone who considers themselves to be up-to-date with all the latest trends, then you might find yourself more fashionable than classic. You have a knack for dramatic flair and love to be unique. If you find that this resonates, then the perfect engagement ring for you might be a halo engagement ring, a unique cut ring or a combo of the two! 

Halo engagement rings are great for added sparkle, and can make your center stone appear larger! A pear-cut diamond engagement ring is also a great choice if you want to stand out from the crowd and make a statement with your ring. 


If you find that retro is more your style than a vintage ring is probably the one for you! Vintage rings are usually more than 20 years old and can be from the Edwardian era rings or art deco inspired. If you have a family heirloom that you would love to transform into your perfect engagement ring, you can always bring it to us and we can design a custom piece for you!


If you have an active lifestyle and use your hands a lot, there are still engagement rings out there for you! The perfect engagement ring is something that you can wear, that won’t snag on things,  eewor get in your way. We recommend picking smooth shapes like an oval or round-cut diamond, and using a setting that isn’t going to sit up high. This means maybe going with a bezel setting as opposed to a cathedral one. 


As someone who loves the idea of love, ruffles and romance, you want a ring that shows off your true love. A three-stone engagement ring does just that and more! Not only do you get a ring that is beautiful and will compliment all of your romantic outfits, but it also symbolizes a beautiful message. The three stones stand for the past,  present, and future of your relationship. 

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