Different Styles of Engagement Rings

Different Styles of Engagement Rings

Different Styles of Engagement Rings

Shopping for an engagement ring doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Let the engagement rings Omaha experts at 14 Karat relieve the pressure that can be riding on which one you choose. The choice symbolizes your forever love and is also a piece of jewelry that you will both love for just as long. 

While our engagement ring Omaha jewelry experts can help you  navigate through some of the more difficult aspects of finding the perfect diamond ring, there is one thing you have to decide. Knowing your preferred style choice of engagement ring. If you have an image in your head, but are not sure how to articulate it, read below to see which style best suits you! 

Solitaire Ring

A solitaire ring is probably the most popular and classic style of engagement ring. It’s named for the french word that means, alone, because it is a ring where the diamond stands by itself. This design is simple, and has a classic thinner band and a dominant elegant stone. 

Three Stone

The three stone engagement ring is another style  that takes the solitaire and adds two additional smaller stones on each side. This can add some depth to your ring and additional shine to your life. The three stone engagement ring is also rich in symbolism as the three stones are meant to stand for your past, present and future relationship. 

Halo Style

This style ring is perfect for women who want a little more sparkle for their ring. A halo ring describes a solitaire ring that is encircled in another band of diamonds. It can make the stone appear larger and offers up the maximum amount of shine. Another version of the halo ring is the double halo, which is double the diamonds! Perfect for any woman who wants to make a statement. 


Another popular style that our engagement rings Omaha jewelry experts see is the infinity ring. This type of ring has a band that swirls and creates the infinity symbol. It can create a beautiful design that stands for the intertwining lives of a husband and wife. This can create a beautiful sentiment that can represent infinite love and marriage.


A pavé ring is when the band is encrusted with diamonds all the way through. These diamonds are placed as close to each other as possible so that almost no metal is showing from the band. Perfect for the bride who wants a little glamour in her life! 

Double Diamond

Double Diamond rings are engagement rings that have more than one center stone. Most of the time they are either diagonal from one another or there is one on top of the other. This is perfect for the woman who likes to take charge and relishes an outfit change throughout the day. 


Cluster rings offer the most variety, as no setting is alike. These are a bunch of diamonds and stones that are set in no particular order. Our engagement rings Omaha jewelry experts can custom make a cluster piece, or design it after an heirloom if you would prefer. Cluster rings can bring both old and new traditions together. 

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