Diamond Spotlight: Oval cut diamonds

Diamond Spotlight: Oval cut diamonds

Diamond Spotlight: Oval cut diamonds

Oval diamonds have been around for years and years, but most recently, more customers are asking for oval cut diamonds than ever before! It is a classic diamond shape that adds spectacular brilliance to any jewelry piece it is a part of.  Plus, an oval diamond can be a beautiful addition to the perfect engagement ring and make any woman extremely happy! 

Check out some of the reasons why oval diamonds are so great! 

Best of both worlds: An oval cut diamond combines all the best characteristics of a round cut diamond and a pear cut diamond into one! An oval cut is a brilliant type of faceting structure like a round diamond, which means it has 58 facets available to reflect light and create an amazing sparkle effect to light up any room. However, it’s more elongated and has a larger surface area than a round diamond, more like a pear! 

Flattering: Since an oval cut diamond has a large surface area when placed in a ring setting, it can make the wearer's finger look slimmer. Fingers appear longer, dainty and more elegant. Not only does an oval cut diamond flatter fingers, but it also flatters almost any ring setting it is placed into. As a solitaire setting, three stone setting or even as a halo, you cannot go wrong with an oval cut! 

Romantic: When looking for the perfect engagement ring, you want one that is as romantic as the love you have for your partner, an oval cut diamond delivers that! Its timeless elegance and dreamy appearance can complement any love story. Plus, one of the symbolic meanings behind the oval cut diamond is that it represents the promise of eternal love

Sparkle factor: Like other fancy shaped diamonds, the brilliance, or sparkle, of an oval cut diamond is outstanding! However, while other fancy cuts usually feature a modified brilliant cut, oval diamonds shine just a little bit brighter than most other fancy cuts! This means that you will be able to turn people’s heads and really add a “wow” factor to your ring when it features an oval cut diamond. It will make you stand out from the crowd. Plus, all of the sparkle can divert eyes and attention away from any internal flaws that the diamond may have. 

How to wear oval cut diamonds

There are many different beautiful jewelry pieces that can feature an oval cut diamond! While it certainly looks great in any type of setting and would make for the perfect engagement ring, look at all the other beautiful ways it can be worn too! Oval cut diamonds are perfect for a single, teardrop pendant necklace or as a pair of diamond studs. Oval cut diamonds can also be used as side stone diamonds to complement any other gemstone ring you have in your collection! 

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