Diamond Spotlight: Princess Cut Diamonds

Diamond Spotlight: Princess Cut Diamonds

Diamond Spotlight: Princess Cut Diamonds

Among all the beautiful diamond cut shapes one of the most amazing shapes is the princess cut diamond! Princess cut diamonds are an elegant choice that is rising in popularity as people’s choice for their perfect engagement ring. They are flexible in terms of style and offer clean lines with a brilliant sparkle. 

Check out some of the things that set princess cut diamonds apart from the crowd! 


Efficient: Princess cut diamonds are the most compatible with the shape of an original rough diamond structure. This means that when diamond cutters are prepping the crystal to turn it into a beautiful piece of jewelry, princess cut diamonds can use more of the structure. For example, a round diamond will only use around 50 percent of the crystal, but a princess cut diamond will utilize 70 percent of the same crystal. This can mean that buyers will be able to purchase a larger princess cut diamond for the same price as a smaller round diamond. 

Wow factor: Since a princess cut has such large diagonal measurements, when looking at it with the naked eye, it can appear much larger than other stones. This can give you a major wow factor when showing off your perfect engagement ring with a princess cut stone. Princess cut diamonds can also have 2-4 chevrons internally that will produce a brilliant sparkle effect. 

Versatile: The princess cut diamond works well with any setting you want to put it in! It can stand alone in a solitaire setting and create an elegant and classy look. It can also be stunning in a three stone setting, representing love in a beautiful way! A halo setting, a cluster ring, a pave setting – no matter what style engagement ring you like best, a princess cut diamond will work! 

Clarity: Of all the diamond cut shapes, the princess cut diamond is a very forgiving stone. This is because the way that it is cut disperses light in a way that hides flaws that the diamond may possess. This can give you more flexibility when it comes to finding a diamond with the right balance of clarity and color to give you the perfect stone. 


There are a multitude of ways that you can rock a princess cut diamond! It is a gorgeous cut and many choose it to complete their perfect engagement ring, but it can also be used in other jewelry pieces too! The square design can be beautiful for diamond earring studs or as a drop down diamond pendant. It can also produce a very symmetrical design for a diamond tennis bracelet that would be pleasing to the eye. 

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