Diamond spotlight: radiant cut diamonds

Diamond spotlight: radiant cut diamonds

Diamond spotlight: radiant cut diamonds

Radiant cut diamonds are making a big splash in the jewelry world, and when you look at them, it’s no surprise why. Prior to radiant cuts, square and rectangular stones were thought to be unable to capture the same sparkle and brilliance of round stones. However, thanks to its brilliant facet pattern on both the crown and pavilion, these diamond cuts are eye-catching and beautiful. 

Our Nebraska jewelry experts love radiant cuts and think you should too for the following reasons. 

Durability: A radiant cut diamond can be compared to a princess cut because of its more square appearance, but there is a catch. A radiant cut diamond has carefully beveled corners unlike the princess, which means that it is less likely to snag on things or chip! This can make it the perfect shape for someone who has been wanting a more square diamond shape but works a lot with their hands. 

Max sparkle: The only other diamond cut that can outshine the sparkle and fire of a radiant cut is a round! It is the first known cut that used a brilliant facet pattern on both the crown and pavilion, which is what gives it that extra sparkle. These 70 facets can come in triangular or kite shapes and radiate from the center of the stone and really give it a “wow” factor. The sparkle is sure to catch anyone's eye! 

Non-traditional: Radiant cuts are one of the newer cuts to the market. Henry Grossbad first designed the cut in only 1977! Since it was only created less than 100 years ago, there are fewer heirloom pieces circulating with that particular cut and less people that know about it in general. This can make it the perfect diamond for a bride who wants her engagement ring to be unique and feature a less popular diamond cut. 

Large & in charge: Radiant cut diamonds can often look larger than other diamond cuts of the same carat weight. While in actuality the face-up area of a radiant cut can be slightly smaller than that of a round, because of its diagonal measurements, it actually tricks the eye into believing that it is the larger stone. Not only that, but our Nebraska jewelry experts say that radiant cut diamonds will use most of a rough diamond, ensuring that little of the original piece goes to waste.

A great mix: Love the flattering shape of an emerald but want the trademarked sparkle of a round? The radiant cut diamond is for you! This innovative design really does give wearers the best of both worlds. With straight sides, beveled corners and lots of internal fire to give it the right amount of shine. All these things combine to create a truly one-of-a-kind diamond shape!

Celebrity radiant cut diamonds

There are many celebrities who love to rock a radiant cut diamond! Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez, Khloe Kardashian and Megan Fox all rocked radiant cut diamond engagement rings at some point. They loved the glamour and the ring and chose the best option for maximum sparkle. 

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