Earrings every woman should own!

Earrings every woman should own!

Earrings every woman should own!

Fine jewelry makes life more fun! It is full of both intrinsic and sentimental value, can elevate any outfit and these pieces hold with them many fond memories and adventures. Some of our 14 Karat gold and jewelry experts’ favorite fine jewelry pieces to wear are earrings! 

Here are the earrings that they believe every woman should have:

1. Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are simple to throw on and will go with any outfit. They seem to circle in and out of fashion, but for the last few years have firmly been, “in.” There are countless ways to wear your hoop earrings and that is part of their appeal. They complement so many different styles! They can be bohemian, trendy, party-esque and elegant. Small or large, in white gold or yellow, and even adorned with diamonds – hoop earrings are a must! 

2. Pearl earrings

When looking for timeless staples, pearls are the obvious choice. Pearls have long served as an elegant and beautiful choice for jewelry. Perfect for an office meeting or a night out on the town! They are a gorgeous, and yet neutral backdrop for whatever outfit you choose to pair them with. Plus their neutrality means they can be worn with silver and gold metal pieces! There are also many different pearl colors that can complement every skin tone

3. Classic studs 

There are numerous colors, types and styles of stud earrings, and our 14 Karat gold and jewelry experts believe that every woman should have a pair of at least one of them! One example of stud earrings are diamond studs! You can get them in any diamond shape you hold a preference for whether that be round, pear or other. Since they are more simple in style, you can wear them in your second or third earring hole if you have them. These earrings are perfect to wear from morning to night, the possibilities are endless. 

4. Statement earrings

Every woman needs at least one pair of statement earrings. These are the earrings you can wear that make people go, “wow” when they see them. They are extravagant, festive and beautiful all wrapped up into one! Your statement earrings can be large gemstones, beautiful flowing pendant earring or whatever style feels the most you. 

5. Birthstone earrings 

Birthstone jewelry is a must for every woman’s jewelry box, and earrings can be the perfect accessory to accomplish that! They can be the needed color pop for an outfit, or help to bring their unique properties to the wearer. For example, March's birthstone, aquamarine, is supposed to offer protection to the wearer, make them amiable and increase their intellect! 

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