The History of Gold Jewelry

The History of Gold Jewelry

The History of Gold Jewelry

Gold Jewelry is one of those things that seems to go back as far as history has been recorded. It may take a new face every now and again, like rose gold, but it never really goes out of style. Gold offers a sparkle and shine that other metals have a hard time competing against. Our 14 Karat gold specialists love the history of gold and how it became incorporated into the jewelry industry! 

Ancient Civilizations

Gold has always been revered for its rarity and beauty. All throughout history gold was valued highly and prized by most people. The Mesopotamian people and the Egyptians were some of the very first civilizations to utilize gold for its decorative purposes. It had high shine and was difficult to tarnish, making it an ideal substance to wear for rulers and to adorn objects of higher quality like a throne. 

Gold was first made into jewelry before it ever was used as a source of currency. While it did go on to be traded and many countries ran off of the “gold standard” for their nation’s currency, its original purpose was for jewelry. 

Adding Other Metals

Gold is an inert element, which means it is not created, but already exists within nature. There are a few different ways that gold can be formed together, but all of them are rare. Many gold deposits have been mined over the years, with prospectors just hoping to find their golden nuggets. 

This is why in the beginning only yellow gold jewelry existed. Gold itself has a natural yellow hue and it was not until later on that white gold and rose gold came to be. White gold and rose gold are just normal gold with other metals added. Our 14 Karat gold specialists explain that modern day yellow gold jewelry typically is formed from a mixture of gold, silver and copper. White gold is the metal with the absence of copper, whereas rose gold jewelry has a greater concentration of copper in it. 

Meaning of Karat

So what is the meaning of a Karat? And how is it different from a carat? Our 14 Karat gold specialists get these questions a lot. Carat is a measurement unit for gemstones to represent weight and size. Your engagement ring might boast a 1 carat diamond solitaire which is equal to the weight of 200 milligrams

Karat refers to the purity of gold. 24 karat gold signifies pure gold, but you won’t find many (if any) jewelry pieces with 24 karat gold because the metal is too soft. It is mixed with other metals in order to retain its shape. Each karat represents 1/24th of the whole, so if it is 18/24 metal, then it is 18 karat gold. Most jewelry comes in 18 karat, 14 karat and 10 karat gold. 

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