Everyday activities that can damage your jewelry

Everyday activities that can damage your jewelry

Everyday activities that can damage your jewelry

Jewelry is some of our most precious possessions and we would never do anything to harm it. Many people go out of their way to not damage their jewelry, but some everyday activities could be damaging your jewelry pieces. 

These are some of the everyday activities that our 14 Karat jewelry experts recommend against in order to protect your jewelry. 

1. Applying lotions and creams 

Ranging from sunscreen all the way to hand lotion, applying any type of creams with your jewelry on can be damaging to your jewelry. Doing this can make your jewelry look and feel dirty and actually can lead to discoloration of your gemstones and metal.  To keep your pieces safe, take them off before applying any lotions. 

2. Cleaning

Cleaning and performing household chores while wearing your jewelry is harmful and it's better to put your jewelry away when it is cleaning time. The first reason is that many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals like bleach that can harm the finish of your jewelry. It can also break down alloys found in gold over time and can cause cracks as well as weaken soldered joints. Then you will have to bring your jewelry pieces to our best jewelry repair technicians so that you can wear them again! 

3. Swimming

Speaking of harmful chemicals, the chemicals that are found in pools and hot tubs can also be very damaging to your jewelry. They can dull, discolor and disintegrate metal over time. Saltwater can also tarnish metals, especially sterling silver. If you are going to a pool party or another aquatic event, be sure to leave your jewelry pieces at home. 

4. Showering

It can be super easy to forget to take your jewelry off before you shower, but this is a big mistake as it can harm your jewelry. Showering can make jewelry pieces slippery and come off in the shower and get washed down the drain. Plus, our 14 Karat jewelry experts explain that any soap or shampoo you use during your shower can also affect how your jewelry pieces look, tarnishing and removing the luster from gems. 

5. Cooking

Don’t forget to take your jewelry off when you are cooking too! This does not just apply to sticky food like dough, this spans all of cooking. When cooking you can come into contact with sharp points that can scratch or nick your jewelry. While you are cooking you may also come into contact with uncooked meat which can expose your jewelry to germs that can get trapped in your jewelry’s crevices and be difficult to get rid of. 

6. Sleeping

While it can be tempting to just go to sleep without taking off your jewelry, it is better for your fine pieces if you do. Earring posts can become bent and loose during the night, ring prongs can catch on blankets and necklaces can become entangled in hair and break. 

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These tips from our 14 Karat jewelry experts can help you to avoid wearing jewelry during these everyday activities that can harm your favorite pieces. However, always keep in mind that if something does happen, we have the best jewelry repair technicians for the job to make your pieces good as new again! Contact us to learn more.